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Johnny Carson

The Inspirational Life Story of Johnny Carson; Comedian, Magician, and King of the Late Night Talk Show

By Patrick Bunker

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Table of Contents


Johnny Carson’s Childhood

Johnny Carson and The United States Navy

Johnny Carson Goes to College

Johnny Carson Becomes a Professional Entertainer

Johnny Carson Hits the Big Time

The Tonight Show

Johnny Carson Becomes the Host of “The Tonight Show”

Johnny Carson’s Characters

Johnny Carson’s Last Days on “The Tonight Show”

The Death of Johnny Carson

Johnny Carson Quotes


During the short history of television there has only been one man who will be remembered as being king of the late night talk show. This man’s name was Johnny Carson and he was best remembered for his role as the host of “The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson.” Johnny appeared on a variety of other shows, but none of them ever reached the level of popularity like “The Tonight Show” did.

Johnny was able to relate to the average American very well. His Midwestern upbringing was very modest and this could explain his ability to stay humble even though he was a famous celebrity. He was very smart and he took time out to stay educated about American politics and current events around the world. While Johnny usually took a less accepted liberal or progressive stance on many issues, the majority of the average people would still agree with him and manage to see his point of view.

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