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Phil Robertson

The Inspirational Life Story and Hilarious Adventures of Phil Robertson; Football Legend, Duck Dynasty Star, and Creator of Duck Commander Inc.

By Patrick Bunker

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Table of Contents


The Origin of Phil Robertson

Phil Robertson’s Football Days

Phil Robertson Turns to God

Phil Robertson’s Family

Duck Commander

Duck Dynasty

Duck Dynasty Season 2

Duck Dynasty Traditions

Happy Happy Happy

Phil Robertson Quotes


Phil Robertson is an extraordinary American who enjoys hunting and spending time with his family. Phil has many talents and he has found success in a diverse range of different areas in life. This is a very modest and humble man who has dedicated his life to helping people and improving the condition of America.

Phil has had quite an interesting life. He started out as a poor small town country boy and grew up to be one of the most popular and well respected people in America. Phil was a star quarterback for his college football team and he was even given the opportunity to play professional football in the NFL. Phil knew that he was capable of accomplishing great things that were not limited to the football field.

This book was created to teach the world about Phil Robertson’s life story and personal values. Many of Phil’s most important accomplishments will be covered, all the way from his early days at Duck Commander Incorporated, up to his influential role on Duck Dynasty. Phil Robertson’s incredible football career will be examined in addition to the important role that god and religion plays in his life.

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