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Angelo Loicano

Lucchese Mob Figure

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Angelo Puggy Loicano (1912-, also Loiacano), 35, of 226 East 107th Street, Manhattan, was one of several members of a drug ring that was broken up by the Federal Bureau of Narcotics. On Friday, February 7, 1947 Federal Bureau of Narcotics agent Joseph Amato testified at the trial of Genovese family soldier Joseph Gagliano (1903-1947) aka Pip the Blind, 42, of 222 East 107th Street. Gagliano was on trial with Loicano and Anthony Lucente, 31, of 339 East 119th Street.

Gagliano managed narcotics distribution for the 107th Street Mafia. He personally supervised opium smuggling from Mexico into the New York metropolitan area. The Federal Bureau of Narcotics reported that the heroin was processed in illegal laboratories. The FBN tracked Gagliano from the 1930s till the mid-1940s. Federal agents indicted him in December 1946.

Amato offered testimony that he had hidden in a car that was driven by an informer. The FBN agent had overheard conversations in the car via a microphone attached to the informant’s lapel. According to Amato the informer had tried to purchase five ounces of heroin from Angelo Loicano. Loicano had told Amato that Gagliano had delayed delivery of the drugs because federal agents were intruding on the dope operation.

Joseph Gagliano was a childhood friend and crony of Mafia informant Joseph Michael Joe Cargo Valachi. Valachi is best remembered for his October 1963 testimony before a United States Senate subcommittee investigating organized crime. Joseph Gagliano was a blood relative of Lucchese family mobster Tommaso Gagliano (1883-1951). Tommaso ascended to the top of the Lucchese family hierarchy. He was succeeded by former underboss, Siciilian-born Gaetano Thomas Tommy Lucchese (1899-1967).

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