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Ben Carson

The Inspirational Life Story of Ben Carson M.D.; Doctor, Humanitarian, and One of Americas Top Political Leadership Figures

By Patrick Bunker

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Printed in the United States of America

First Printing, 2014

Smashwords Edition

Table of Contents


Ben Carson’s Childhood

Ben Carson’s Medical Education

Working With The Human Brain

Ben Carson Begins His Medical Career in America

The Move To Australia

The Carson Family Returns To America

Ben Carson Writes His First Book

Surgery in Africa and The Scholarship Fund

Think Big

Ben Carson’s Fight Against Cancer

The Greatest Surgery Challenge

Dr. Carson Shares His Life With The World

Ben Carson’s Political Views


Life is a twisted event. Sometimes, the hand a person is dealt can truly bring a person to their knees and deny them the pleasures of seeing blue skies and rainbows. For some, that denial fills their bellies with a raging fire that propels them forth from uncertainty into assured blessings. Sometimes, the mighty phoenix must rise from its ashes only to soar higher and higher with no mind to the risk of falling. While some dream to be lawyers or dancers or astronauts, some dream to heal the sick and tend to the wounded. To be a physician, one must take on many hours and years of post-secondary education. To become a surgeon requires not only a sharp mind but also a steady hand. Surgeons must spend between eleven to eighteen years of their time to be able to work on their own in order to perform operations and medical procedures as well as treat injuries, deformities, and diseases. This length of time does not even include what is known in the medical field as ‘continuing education credits’ or CEC’s. Most surgeons have a specialty such as gastroenterology or neurology in order to become experts in their field.

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