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Andimo Tony Noto Pappadio

Lucchese Mafia Acting Boss

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Eventual New York Supreme Court Justice Frank A. Gulotta (1907-1989) was appointed Nassau County District Attorney by Governor Thomas Edmund Dewey (1902-1971). An assistant district attorney from 1938-1949, Gulotta served as Nassau County district attorney until 1958.

In late November 1957 Gulotta interrogated Lucchese family member Andimo Thomas Pappadio (also Papadio) February 2, 1914-September 24, 1976), 44, of Atlantic Beach, New York. At the same time Gulotta also probed others who had attended a well-publicized upstate New York mob conclave on November 14, 1957.

Pappadio had refused to talk with the district attorney. Afterward the Nassau DA had commented, We believe he’s a front man for Thomas Three Fingers Brown Lucchese in the garment industry.

Other hoodlums interviewed by Gulotta included Benny Levine, 60, of Atlantic Beach, Anthony Little Augie Pisano Carfano (1885-1959), 56, of Atlantic Beach, John C. Biello (1917-2010, also Belo), of 81 Oneida Avenue, Atlantic Beach, Sol Cliente of Long Beach, eventual Genovese crime family consigliere Michele Michael Big Mike Miranda (1896-1973), of 167 Greenway North, Forest Hills Gardens, Martin Marty Krompler (1902-1973), of Long Beach, Larry Knohl, (1907-1973) of Long Beach, and Joseph Biondo (1932-1985), of Long Beach.

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