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Nicholas Big Nose Nick Tolentino

Lucchese Soldier

Heroin Dealer

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Nicholas Big Nose Nick Tolentino (February 10, 1909-October 1, 1972) was a Lucchese mobster who was closely affiliated with Giovanni John Ormento (1912-1974), Charles Curcio (1926-1970) aka Charlie Mouse and Charlie Rossi, Joseph H. Foti Jr. (1912-), and Enrico Nicolo Harry Tantillo (1916-1997, Genovese family). Involved in the French Connection drug ring, Ormento was a Lucchese capo.

Tantillo was a Genovese soldier from the 1950s to the 1970s. Mafia charts list him as a murder victim. The proprietor of Dominick’s Pastry Shop, Tantillo lived in the Bronx with his wife Matilda.

Big Nick was born in East Harlem, a bastion of strength in the Genovese family. By 1920 Tolentino, age eleven, had acquired a juvenile record. As early as 1927 robbery and assault had been added to his criminal ledger. Additionally, Tolentino was suspected of complicity in multiple murders. He frequented the Pleasant Avenue area of Harlem. This territory was notorious for drug trafficking.

Like many other Lucchese operatives Tolentino eventually moved to the Bronx. He racked up multiple arrests, including a noteworthy one in 1951, for narcotics. Knowledge of his later criminal activities is sketchy. Tolentino’s deeds are recorded on the 1963 Valachi charts, the Federal Bureau of Narcotics books, and Nara records.

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