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What does our life consist of? Far away from you, I can say that every one of you has a different response to this question. Some of you see their lives in terms of happiness, good luck while the second group of others are suffering from incurable diseases or struggling against some troubles day and night! Actually, we see the world with our own eyes and in our own terms and the frames, which we set ourselves. Whatever you may reply, we can categorize them!

Therefore, our life consists of imagination, actions, feelings, thoughts, and words. The quality of your life is equal to the total quality of the abovementioned five. You drive a car. It is an action. You feel sad. This is a feeling. You are analyzing what you heard or saw. It is thinking. You are dreaming about a new house. It is imagination. If those five include in our whole life, we need perfect thoughts, perfect feelings, perfect imagination, perfect actions and perfect words to come to perfect life.

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