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7 Steps to Define Your Goal

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Hello, my dear reader! I am very happy to meet you through the pages of this book again. Though we are far from each other, I am sure that the steps in this book will avail you. As a person, who experienced both ups, and downs in life, I am ready to share the tips, which I have been accumulating like a collector of rare coins with you. Try and you`ll know it. Sometimes the number of our dreams grows so quickly that we are unable to follow and sometimes on the contrary, we lack any idea or wish to achieve anything. However, you can easily discover your real mission in this life.

Actually, it happened so that not any of us dares to search for his or her destiny, true mission meant only for that someone. Why? Some of us fear to admit the necessity, because, we may lack our current job we are living on or people we got accustomed. Anyway, I suppose we all feel that there is something wrong when we are engaged in what we don`t care or love.

Step 1: Where you are now

Have you ever heard about a man who got lost during his voyage on one of the islands unable to determine where he was situated? No matter how he happened to come so far, it was not easy to find his way back home. That person was me! Whenever, it might be you or was for now or then we find ourselves empty, with no intention or tired and exhausted.

If a person hasn`t found his or her favorite job or anything and anybody he or she loves, then, there can be two reasons for that. First, that someone puts all his hopes in future or more clearly, tomorrow. Second group of people estimate everything whatsoever may happen out of their past life experiences. They might blame others or that terrible event, which troubled him or her once. However, one should exist and live now and here to realize what he wants indeed.

Therefore, determine where you are now. What is happening? Maybe, there is a range of the events going to tell you something or warn you about the coming failure or misunderstandings. Let me explain you. A person had to quit his job for a number of times because of the continuous quarrels with his colleagues or the boss. They like to complain on their unfair destiny for hours, but they never even try to stop and analyze what is wrong in his life. Perhaps, that person needs to care about his attitude to the others or there are some serious problems in his relationship with the people around. As you have already known, one should know the problem well to eliminate or solve it.

Look around you and ask yourself. Are you satisfied with your life? Do you love what you are doing every single day? Are you glad that your never-to-come-back life is passing by doing that job? If it were your last day on Earth, what would you do or how would you live? Would you sit and cry or would you something you love truly? I want to warn you beforehand that it is the most complicated to be honest with yourself. However, you will find the right replies if you ask the right questions. So, ask and learn yourself first. At the end, it is you what matters to you most of all.

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