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James Jimmy the Sniff Vintaloro

Lucchese Family Soldier

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James Vintaloro was active as a Lucchese family soldier in the Bronx, Westchester County, and Putnam, New York. At age 19 Vintaloro lived with his father, Matteo Matthew Vintaloro (1873-1935), a building laborer in the Bronx. The family lived at 855 East 227th Street. Having emigrated from Italy in 1906, in 1930 Matthew owned a home valued at $15,000.

The 1930 United States Census records James Vintaloro as a brick layer helper. His mother’s name was Vincenza Saleno Vintaloro (1880-). James Vintaloro had three sisters, i.e. Concettina Concetta Vintaloro DiFrisco (1906-), Angelina Vintaloro Licastri (1915-2001), and Jennie Jean Vintaloro Libertella (1920-2011).

The sobriquet Jimmy the Sniff was acquired because James Vintaloro had a nervous habit. Specifically, he regularly drew breaths through his nostrils in short sniffs.

Indicted for Murder

On July 20, 1933 James Vintaloro (also Vintalaro and Vintalero, (1911-1980/1985) pleaded guilty to the October 13, 1932 murder of Mount Vernon, New York heavyweight boxer Johnny Grosso (1905-1932). Grosso was killed in a street brawl. No bail was set for Vintalero who was remanded to the Westchester County Jail. Figure 1 Johnny Grosso He was indicted for his role in the shooting of Grosso at 226th Street and White Plains Road in Wakefield. A policeman was wounded in the gunfire.

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