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Giovanni Schillaci

Alias Big Dick Amato

Genovese Soldier

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The name of Giovanni Schillaci surfaced during United States Senate testimony given by ex-Genovese mobster Joseph Michael Joe Cargo Valachi (1904-1971). In October 1963 he testified before a Senate subcommittee investigating organized crime.

Valachi named Giovanni Schillaci, aka Big Dick Amato, aka Al Brown, as a member of his old gang. Valachi also mentioned the old Cosa Nostra family into which most of the members were accepted. Valachi told committee members that Al Brown had been deported under his real name. However, he had used an alias to sneak back into the U.S.

Another Valachi cohort of earlier times was Joseph Pip the Blind Gagliano (1903-1947). The ex-mobster specified that Gagliano had reputedly committed suicide. Evidently the gangster had killed himself after contemplating whether to become a police informant. Gagliano was reported to have hanged himself. Valachi contradicted this in his testimony. My opinion was that they hung him, he said.

Other old gang members who joined Cosa Nostra included Frank Callace (also Callaci, 1900-1954) who Valachi identified as Chick 99. Callace had once lived at 399 Linden Street, Apartment 31, in Brooklyn.

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