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Tobias DeMicco Jr.

Genovese Family Soldier

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In August 1974 garbage industry firm Valley Carting, Inc. was operated by James Hickey, 34, of Scarborough, New York. James was the son-in-law of Genovese soldier Tobias James Toby DeMicco Jr. (also Demicco and DeMiccio, (March 24, 1916-July 23, 1989) of Croton. DeMicco had several arrests on his criminal record, one of them dating to 1933. His tenure with the Genovese family extended from the 1950s until the 1980s.

A law enforcement spokesman revealed that Tobias DeMicco had too many convictions to obtain a hauling permit. Authorities realized that Tobias maintained ties to various businesses. As a syndicate soldier DeMicco Jr. served under Genovese capo Vincent Angellino aka Jimmy Angelina (1905-1967).

Angellino began his career as a soldier under the leadership of capo Rocco the Old Man Pellegrino. Born in Calabria, Italy in 1889, Rocco’s legitimate business in New York was Pellegrino bakery. Closely associated with Vito Don Vitone Genovese (1897-1969), John Ormento, Anthony C. Strollo (1899-1962), and Michael aka Mike Costello Clemente (1908-1987), Rocco served eighteen months prison time for assault. He was also fined various times for Volstead Law violations. He died in 1975.

Among Tobias DeMicco’s noteworthy offenses was a 10-year prison term for robbery in 1937. Testifying before a United States Senate subcommittee on organized crime, in October 1963, Joseph Michael Joe Cargo Valachi (1904-1971) mentioned DeMicco as a crime family member. During the New York State Investigation hearings of 1969, both Hickey and DeMicco took the 5th Amendment against self-incrimination. They did so on multiple occasions during questioning.

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