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Tino The Greek Fiumara

Genovese Mafioso

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Upper echelon New York Mafiosi chose former auto body repairman Tino Fiumara, 36, to manage the New Jersey docks. The decision was made during a time of transition, when the Manhattan piers were becoming obsolete.

The newly appointed mob executive presided over businesses that had relocated across the Hudson River. The enterprise was one in which profits were rapidly increasing.

Fiumara’s rapid ascent up the corporate ladder was curtailed by a federal government investigation that ensnared him. He was sentenced to twenty years in prison in one case before he received a separate twenty-five year term.

In early March 1981 the longer sentence awaited an appeals court ruling. A former federal prosecutor divulged that Fiumara was so powerful he retained the loyalty of two men he was alleged to have murdered.

In April 1979 Irving Held, owner of the Sealand Terminal Corporation, a waterfront company, was charged with making illegal loans of $68,000 to a union official of the International Longshoremen’s Association (ILA) of the Port of New York. The owner of a major waterfront company was charged in a Federal indictment with having made illegal loans to Carol Junior Gardner (1930-2013), a leader of the International Longshoremen's Association in the Port of New York.

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