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Charles Charlie Bullets Albero

Genovese Narcotics Dealer

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In 1910 Charles Albero (1902-May 10, 1964) lived with his parents at East 124th Street in Manhattan’s Ward 12. Charles father, Aniello Albero (1867-1957), died in the Bronx on September 13, 1957. A rags dealer in the junk industry, he had immigrated to the United States in 1892. Charles’ mother was Victoria Dilena Albero (1866-).

The Alberos had two sons aside from their youngest child, Charles. Their names were Salvatore (1894-1932) and Dominick Albero (1898-1926).

Dominick Albero was admitted to Ossining State Prison (Sing Sing) on August 28, 1922. He was arrested at 324 East 122nd Street. That year the Albero family residence was 2437 1st Avenue. A Mount Vernon, New York carpenter, Dominick, 21, was convicted of grand larceny in the courtroom of Judge Talley.

Charles Albero’s criminal record dates to 1911, when he was first arrested for truancy from public school. By September 1932 the young hoodlum had been arrested more than twenty times. Following his arrest for truancy, Albero was sentenced to the House of Refuge. He also served to in the reformatory at Elmira, New York. His first active prison sentence occurred in 1929.

Originally assigned a forty-year term in Sing Sing, on April 29, 1927, Albero’s sentencing judge was Justice Barrett of the Bronx. The prisoner was granted a new trial that never happened. Instead, Albero was released from confinement on November 26, 1928. Later he was rearrested and returned to New York County. After his arrival Charles was forced to stand trial on two indictments. They accused him of burglary and violating the Sullivan Law. Albero was allowed to plead guilty to a third-degree burglary charge rather than be tried on the two charges against him.

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