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Down and Back


By: Natalie Bush-Maines


Prologue: Waking up Lost and Confused

Chapter 1: Vision Unclear

Chapter 2: Beginning Tests

Chapter 3: CAT Scan Results

Chapter 4: New Arrival

Chapter 5: MRI

Chapter 6: Results Inconclusive

Chapter 7: Spinal Tap

Chapter 8: Results Defined

Chapter 9: Coming to Terms

Chapter 10: Worry

Chapter 11: Telling Friends

Chapter 12: Wasting Time

Chapter 13: Specialist

Chapter 14: Settling Down

Chapter 15: New Medication

Chapter 16: Shots Arrive

Chapter 17: Relaxation in Madness

Chapter 18: Nurse

Chapter 19: Appointment

Chapter 20: Seizure

Chapter 21: Left Out to Hang

Chapter 22: Attorney

Chapter 23: Saving Grace Doctor

Chapter 24: Hearing Finally

Chapter 25: Informing Everyone

Chapter 26: The Decision


Waking up Lost and Confused

I awoke as normal in my bed and glanced around the room. Smiling, I snuggled my comforter closer to me as I buried my head deeper into my fleece covered pillow. It was always my comfort. Don't ask, I like things certain ways and in a certain order. And....

Suddenly I shot up in bed and glanced around the room, blinking repetitively. My husband wasn't laying in bed with me at the time. I quickly kicked the blankets off and jumped out of bed.

I took a brief moment to glance at the clock, 11 A.M. The thought screamed in my head that I had over-slept. I stumbled down the hallway where I was greeted by the screaming of my children. I took a moment to cover my ears as I glanced around for my husband.

"Sweetie?" I asked, looking around. I was trying my absolute best to process things but, everything was just, not adding up right.

My kids continued to play as I held my head from their noise level growing. Apparently, mom waking up had meant to grow louder. Part of me wanted to chuckle about it and play with them, but part of me wanted to retreat back to the bedroom from whence I had come. My head began to throb and nausea grew... ugh.

Suddenly the door swung open and the bright light hit me. "Ugh" I shielded my eyes for the bright Georgia sunlight beaming in from the doorway. In walked my husband. He quickly shut the door when he saw me standing there shielding my eyes from the light.

"Morning, sweetie," he said to me, as he walked over to give me a kiss.

"Ugh..." was my response to him as I let him kiss the top of my head.

"Ah, guessing you woke with one of your headaches again," he replied.

I growled at him as I walked over and curled up on the sofa, pulling the blanket up over my head. "I don't know what the hell you mean about AGAIN anyway... I know I woke up, my head hurts and I feel like I'm going to hurl." I snapped at him.

"Boys, come with me," he said. I started to hear the phone beeping like a number was being dialed as he walked back to the back of the house. Irritated that I had just been left alone but a bit at peace in the quiet, I buried myself back under my blanket.

A few minutes later I heard a car pull up. Rolling my eyes, I started to get myself back out from under my cocoon to head to the door. I let out a huff of irritation.

"STOP!" one word order from my husband as he came back down the hallway with the boys in tow. They both had their shoes on and I raised my eyebrow at him in question. "Just stay put a moment. Boys, tell mom bye a for a bit."

They both rush me in hugs and kisses. "BYE MOMMY!!! WE LOVE YOU!!!" I get kisses all over. Suddenly the dog rushes in on it all, not to be left out...

"Oh gawds, Gotham... I did NOT need you in a group hug! Get off!" He flops over on top of me instead. "Yeah, I love you too."

There's a knock on the door. When my husband opens it his mom is standing on the other side.

"Mean-Ma!!" my boys scream at the top of their lungs! I instantly flop back over and bury my head back underneath the pillows.

"I'll have them back after dinner," she says as she gathers the boys to the car.

Suddenly the house goes dead quiet. I breathe a deep sigh from under the pillow and let it fall.

"A little better?" my husband asks.

"Mm hm" I reply as I start to roll over but get greeted by the sunlight and yank the pillow back up. "Window!"

"I'll get that, one moment," he says. I hear a bit of movement and things getting shifted around. "There we go."

Warily I remove the pillow, this time it's safe and I pull it off and sit upright. "Thank you."

"It's not a problem sweetie, I should have had the window fixed already, I know better."

Again, I give this raised eyebrow look at him. We've known each other for years, why are we speaking almost in code? Why does it feel like I am completely missing something? Why does it feel like I am the only one out of everyone around that doesn't know what the hell is going on?

Something must have given away the fact that I was puzzled because he had moved closer to me and was rubbing my back now. That moment made me jerk away for a second. What the hell is going on?

"It's alright sweet-heart," he said. "You're almost there."

What? What's almost there? I could feel that my eyes had gotten big. Was there something I'm missing? Some major moment that would hit me? I pressed my right thumb and middle finger to my temples and shook my head.

"I honestly have no clue what you're talking about, sweetie," I said with a sigh. "I know... I want coffee."

I saw his head hang. Apparently I had let him down, I'm not sure why but there must have been something he wanted from me. Eh, I don't know but I know my body cannot wait for caffeine. I walk down the hall and take a deep breath... he had... already brewed my coffee? I turned around and gave him a look blinking at him. He shrugged at me with a smile as he saw me go and pour up my cup.

1 tsps. sugar; 1 dash of creme brulee creamer

"Ah... thank-you sweetie," I said as I took a sip and cozied into the sofa.

"You're welcome love," he replied. He sat next to me so that I could lay my head in his lap and played in my hair while I drank my coffee a bit.

"So, why are you being so nice today? Get the boys sent away and make my coffee for me first thing?" I ask inquisitively. "Are you up to something."

He shook his head, a slight crook to the side of his mouth like he was thinking on something but, "Nah, not up to anything hun. I had just thought.... " his voice trailed off as he continued to play in my hair.

"Just thought what?"

Letting out a chuckle, "Ah, it's nothing sweetie."

Hmph! I grunted as I settled back down into his lap.

He started to pan through our movies for us to watch together since we didn't have the kids now. But I couldn't get it out of my head that I was completely missing something. He was obviously a tad irritated and upset over something now. And, while I was completely oblivious to it, it was something that I could rectify. If only I could remember.

I let out a sigh, sitting upright on the sofa. This was going to bug me until I figured it out. I let out a growl in my head. Irritated with myself that I couldn't figure out my own husband's puzzle for myself. Huffing to myself, I stood up and walked off to my computer.

I started by loading up my online game to let off some steam. Got in and said hi to some friends. Everyone did normal "Hey Mama Vel!!" (My online game name's Velona and it's a LONG story to get the explain the Mama part) Everything was going fine, I was just going through normal daily grind and... and... wait!

Why am I not an Executor in my game group's leadership?!!

I started to message the leader. She messaged me back "Vel hun, did you just wake up?"

"Well, yes. What's that got to do with me being an Executor or not?" I asked. I'm obviously really confused.

"Sweetie, either I can tell you myself," she replied. "or, you can go and talk to your husband, like you normally do in the morning when you wake up."

Why does it feel like everyone knows some secret that I don't know? I'm growing MORE than mildly irritated at this point. What did she mean like he normally does in the morning when I wake up?

"SCOTT!!!" I screamed as I aimed my head down the hallway.

I was drumming my keys on the keyboard as he came down the hall, staring at the words the leader had typed, re-reading them... letting them sink in. My husband comes back down the hall, I'm trying my best to read him and it's pretty apparent he is doing the same to me.

"How far have you gotten?" he asks me.

"What the hell is that supposed to mean?" I snap at him.

He sighs, "Obviously not that far."

"Why does it feel like everyone has some huge secret that I'm not privy to?" I asked him. "I was just told by my leader in game that I needed to talk to YOU like I 'NORMALLY' do in the morning when I wake up. What the HELL is that supposed to mean?!"

"Ah, she could have let that one down a tad more gently," he replied. "But then... check your calendar, sweetie. Let you get an idea of how long this has been going on."

I gave him a raised eyebrow. What could a calendar have to do with ANY of this. Why would he even... He motioned his head to go ahead, toward the computer. I wasn't sure what to take of it. I felt like I was in some sort of alternate reality in which everyone knew something I didn't. And, apparently, it all might lay behind whatever was on the calendar.

I scrolled the mouse to the bottom right of my screen so that it pulled up the date and time. At that moment, I could swear, my heart stopped. September 2011. It didn't matter the date, it was... Fall?!! No, no, it couldn't...

My head started to swim, something's not right. Suddenly a piece of paper was laid down in front of me. It's a piece of notebook paper with my husband's handwriting on it. It's folded a few times so that it makes a small rectangle. I look up at him questioningly. He gives me a nod. "Just read it sweetie. I'm sorry I can't make this part easier."

Ok, cryptic much... he just walks away to the back of the house as I go to curl up on the sofa with the note. HIS note. I unfold it, flip it over. It's obvious it's been read and re-read quite a few times. I starred at the note, it was separated out into dates.

July 5:

Sweetheart, you're in the hospital. You had a really bad grand-mal seizure on the 1st that you were in for a long time. I'll be back to see you in the morning. I love you.

July 6:

You keep forgetting what happened because of how long the seizure lasted, it cut off blood-flow to your brain long enough to cause memory loss. I love you sweetie.

July 7:

I miss you sweetie. It was great to see you today. The boys send you love and hugs since they can't come up to see you. They're hoping to release you this weekend so, please don't give the nurses a harder time.

I glance up at him as he was quietly returning and shook my head. "No," I said. "It didn't happen like this, it couldn't have. You're saying I completely forgot what had happened while I was in the hospital? I don't even remember BEING in the hospital, it couldn't have happened."

"Well, it did sweet heart," he responded. "I'm just grateful that I came back in that morning to find you when I did. Now, is this one of the mornings that we will quickly move on from this or..."

I broke down into tears and ran off to the back of the house.

"Or one of the mornings that you repeat this in your head trying to reason with how this could possibly be true?" his voice trailed off. He let out a sigh.

Chapter 1

Vision Unclear

My husband and I were preparing the home for bundle of joy number two. We had the second crib all set into place and the oldest's clothes had been moved around so that they wouldn't mix amid the newborns when he arrived. Yeah, I over-plan early but, it's always better safe than sorry.

Everything was going nice and smooth. The baby was growing nicely, and I had the stretch marks to prove it. Then came the morning that I awoke...

“Sweet heart?” I called to my husband. I was glancing around, very confused and disoriented at this point.

“Yes sweety?” my husband called as he came back to the room.

“I can't see correctly,” I replied. “Can you help me?”

I got a questioning look from him but he helps me down the hallway to the sofa. Once there he looks me over quickly, asking questions.

“Shut your eyes for me.” he says.

“It's not going to help, I tried that,” I replied mildly annoyed, but I close my eyes. I open them back up. “Still have the same problem.”

“Can you explain what's going on to me?” he asked.

“Well... honestly...” I thought for a second shutting my eyes tight and pressing my fingers to my temples. “My left eye is blurring really badly, like there's a haze to it. The right eye I can see perfectly through still.”

“Ok open your eyes now hun, “ he replied.

I opened my eyes slowly, scared to see the blurry vision I had seen before. He put his hand to my chin to tilt my head upward to his face so he could get a better look at my eyes.

“Sweety, we need to call your doctor,” he said gently. “Your left eye is slightly off track. I'm watching it look more off to the left as we talk. Your right eye is looking right at me but your left is looking over at the window. I'll get you an eye patch for now to try to help you so that it doesn't throw off your balance.”

His words, while comforting, they scared me. What would they mean. I guess the fear must have shown cause the next thing I knew I got a kiss on the forehead from him.

“Don't worry so much dear. There's nothing to worry about yet, you're only going to cause yourself to stress.”

Suddenly there was a cry from our boy's room. Ah, the morning feedings never get old. I hear a chuckle from my husband. I started to go down the hallway but it was obvious my left eye needed to be covered or closed cause I hit the wall once.

“Sweetheart,” I heard from behind me. “go to the sofa, I'll bring him to you this morning. You keep him out in the living room today. I'll get people to check up on you.”

I gave a growl at being checked up on but head over to the sofa. He'd already gotten the bottle all set up as well as the pillow in case I nursed. I smiled seeing everything in place. In came my hubby with the our wee one though. He was beaming the second he saw me.

“Ma Ma” Little fists clinched out to me as he tried to dive out of my husband's hands.

“I feel loved,” my husband replied as he watched his son dive out of his hands into me.

“Ah, do you have food hun?” I asked him as I raised an eyebrow questioningly. I held up a bottle to hand him, making sure he noticed our son's eyes followed that bottle very intently. “If you had taken that with you, he wouldn't have wanted anything to do with me.”

“Maybe, maybe not,” he responded. “he loves you.”

“He loves his daddy too,” I smiled. “He just doesn't get to see you as much.” I leaned up to get my kiss from him for the day. “Please don't be late today sweet-heart. I'll make sure I call the doctor, don't worry about that.”

“Good,” he answered, as he leaned in for his kiss. “I'll check at lunch to make sure it's done.” He then gave our son's hand a shake, “Bye little man. Take good care of Mommy.” He smiled at us both before turning and leaving the house.

I listened to the car drive off and sighed. The day most certainly had started off interesting.

After feeding our child, I set him into a jumper while I got done with my normal cleaning routine. It was a tad more difficult with my eye acting up the way that it was. If I closed my eye, it would help with my balance and vision but at the same time I was difficult to just keep it closed. Frustrated after about 30 minutes of this, I searched out our first aid kit. Digging through it, I managed a piece of gauze and some medical tape. Shrugging my shoulders, it was better than nothing while I waited for my husband to return from work with the eye patch.

I cut two pieces of medical tape and laid them out on the table. Picking up the piece of gauze, I laid it on top of my eye. I then picked up the two pieces of tape and put them on either side of the gauze, holding it in place over my eye. I removed my hand and gave a sigh. That should do it for now at least.

I glanced around the room. No issues with any blurriness, just annoyance over the fact that I could only see half of what I was used to seeing.

'Well one would rather that than not be able to tell where you're going practically,” I thought to myself. 'Now to go call my doctor.'

I went over to my computer to look up my obstetrics’s office number. She probably would want to know first thing before anyone else. I picked up the phone and dialed the number.

“Regional OB Office, how may I help you?” I heard on the other line.

“Hi, my name is Mrs. Maines, I'm a patient,” I responded. “I was calling cause I am having some vision issues this morning that I'm certain my OB would want to know about and have me checked out over. Currently my left eye is severely blurring. My husband says that my let eye is looking off a different direction than my right eye.”

“Pardon ma’am, we would have to get you in for an appointment,” I heard from over the line. “Can you come in next week on Wednesday at 2 PM?”

I gave a sigh, trying to figure out who was going to watch my child in my head, how I was getting down there if my eye didn't get better, and wondering why it was going to take so long since it was Monday, but I shrugged it off.

“I'm sure I can find a way,” I replied. “In the meantime I guess I'll keep an eye patch over my eye.”

I hung up the phone and sighed as I glanced around the house through my one eye. Letting out a breath, I curled my feet up underneath me and shut my other eye as well. Sitting in silence I took a moment to think on things.

'It will be fine,' I assured myself. 'Don't stress over the unknown yet.'

Chapter 2

Beginning Tests

The upcoming Wednesday couldn't have come soon enough for me. Even though my husband had gone had bought me the eye patch, as he had promised, it's difficult to get used to only half of your normal vision. I wanted to know what was going on. And I loathed the fact that I had to be chauffeured around because of needing this eye patch.

I smiled at my OB a little half smile when I was brought back to the clinic room. She did all of the normal vital checks on me of my temperature, blood pressure, pulse and the wonderful weight check. Yay, we're gaining weight well. I chuckled a bit with her on that one.

“It's good to know something is going well,” I replied.

She then motioned to the eye patch. “Mind if I take a look?” She asked.

I lifted the eye patch off. I took a second to close the eye and tuck the patch away in my purse. Then I looked back at her and opened the eye. The second I did my vision started to distort and blur out again. I blinked both eyes a few times by instinct. My eyes were trying to automatically attempt to fix themselves.

I noticed her hand coming up to my chin out of my right eye and started to flinch away for a moment but stopped myself to let her take hold of my chin. Next she took a pen light and showed it into my left eye.

“Can you follow the light?” she asked me.

I tried my best to but apparently it was only my right eye that was doing so. My left eye might have been but the next thing that I heard from her was that it seemed my left eye was 'off-track'.

“Your left eye appears to be partially off-track,” she said. “It's trying to follow the light but it's only going to the extreme right or the extreme left.”

She clicked off the light and let out a sigh. I could tell that she was thinking as she went back to my charts.

“I want to get a CAT Scan done,” she finally said. “I want to see if there's any damage to your orbit of your eye. I'll get that set up for you and we'll move from there.”

I blinked a bit. I honestly wasn't expecting that. I was hoping for something small but, maybe this would rule out things for me, who knows. “I'll get that to the front desk, and I'll see you back the week after it's done,” she finished.

Nodding, I let out a sigh. “Alright, that sounds good,” I answered, still a bit in shock. It must have shown cause she patted my back.

“Don't worry just yet, the baby is growing just fine,” she smiled at me. “We just need to keep Mama healthy, alright?”

I nodded, “Yeah. I know.”

I let out the breath I had been holding when she left the room. It was a lot to take in and yet nothing at the same time. At least, nothing yet. Just, more questions for the time being. I pulled the eye-patch back over my eye and let my good eye re-adjust itself. Letting out a sigh I gathered up my things before going out to the main area to get my husband and find out about the tests she wanted me to go and have done.

Once out in the waiting area I immediately walked over to my husband.

“Well, does she know what's going on?” he asked me curiously.

“She wants me to have a CAT scan,” I replied. “The front desk is supposed to help with scheduling that.”

“See, she is going to take good care of you hun,” he smiled at me.

“Tell me that AFTER the test please hun,” I replied. “Just knowing I need a CAT scan to figure out what's going on with me is making me worry more currently.”

He squeezed my shoulder, “It's going to be alright hun. Come on, let's figure out what's going on and go get some lunch.”

Nodding I walked over to the front desk, nervously running my middle fingernail between my bottom two teeth.

"And will you cut that out?" he asked me. "I know you're nervous over everything, it's exuding off off you currently."

"Gr... yeah, nervous habit. I just, still want to know what's going on with me dammit," I growled at him. "And apparently, I have to wait longer."

I let out a sigh as I turned and spoke to the receptionist. The CAT scan was scheduled for two weeks out at 2 pm. She handed me a card for that and filled me in on the location of the building I would have to head to for the testing to be done at then handed me a pamphlet that gave the same information again, just in case.

“We'll see you again next month Mrs. Maines,” she said. She handed me my appointment card with the time and date of the next appointment on it. “We should have the test results here by then.”

I gave a nod, tucking the other appointment card away as well. I still hadn't said a word at this point, obviously a bit in shock. But then, I'd already known something was wrong already, I just hadn't known it would take this much to find out what was going on.

I went over and motioned to my husband I was done. He smiled at me.

“Well?” he asked.

“Car,” I replied. And with that I walked out of the office.

I didn't mean to be short with him but, I was still processing things myself. And processing the unknown at that. It was best to talk outside of the office.

We got out to the car and all loaded up. “I'm sorry sweetie,” I finally said to him. “I just, there's more questions than answers now and more appointments to keep up with. I know, she's trying to figure out what caused this but, I had hoped for answers today.”

He reached over and rubbed my shoulder. “I know sweety, but we'll find out soon enough.”

Chapter 3

CAT Scan Results

So the morning of the CAT scan time came. At this point, my nervous habit had destroyed my nails yet again. So much on my mind going into the test. The nurses were very nice though. They walked me into the room and got me onto the table. Since the CAT scan was only ordered for the orbits of my eyes, I was told I was going to lay down with my head close to the machine and my feet at the other end of the table.

“Is this going to be alright for the baby?” I finally broke and asked. I know this had all been planned knowing about the fact that I was pregnant and I had trusted, and gone along with it at this point. I had trusted in everyone up to the point that I'm about to get into the machine.

One nurse smiled at me, “Don't worry hun, we've already taken that into account.” She reached over and grabbed a lead apron to cover me. Smiling, I was a bit more comforted by this and I lay down on the table for them. The radiologist technician took the lead apron and laid it over my chest and stomach. After I was situated, the technician went into the other room to start the scan.

I honestly made a bigger deal out of the CAT scan than I should have I guess cause the waiting room time took longer than the actual scan did. At least, looking back now. And the nurses made me so comfortable with everything that I left feeling comforted from the whole situation. When I went back out to the waiting room for my husband I smiled at him.

He shut his book immediately, “Well?”

“Now we wait for my doctor to get the results from this,” I said to him as I shrugged.

And wait we did, my next appointment with my OB wasn't until the following month and the newest addition was almost due. I already knew that the last trimester was when I would put on the most weight. I was already in it when the eye sight problems had started. Now we're another month down the road and a month away from my due date.

I waited patiently for my named to be called and to go back to the room.

“Mrs. Maines,” the nurse called from the front table. I looked up at her. “They're ready for you.”

I glanced back at my husband, motioning for him to come on. I gathered up my purse and proceeded to the door. Letting out the breath that I had been holding I walked through. The moment of truth. Hopefully we were about to find out that all of our worrying was for nothing.

I followed the nurse down the hallway to the room prepared for me. She motioned up both in.

“The Doctor will be along in a few minutes,” she said with a smile. “Let me go ahead and get your blood pressure and temperature before she arrives.”

I rolled up my sleeve a bit for the arm cuff to be placed around my arm and opened my mouth for the thermometer.

“Guess you've gotten used to the drill on this,” she chuckled at me.

“Two kids in two years,” I laughed a little. “Yeah, you could say I know the drill now.”

“Well, everything looks good here,” she said with a smile. “The doctor should be in a moment.”

“Thank-you,” I replied as she left the room.

My husband and I sat there in silence at that point. I was pondering what the results of the test could be myself. I gave him a quick smile and let out a sigh. After so long, why is it always the last few minutes that seem the longest? It's like the minutes prolong themselves to torment you further. Finally, my doctor walked in. I let out the breath that I hadn't known I had been holding then.

“Afternoon Mr. and Mrs. Maines,” she said smiling. “Everything is looking good with the little one as far as we can tell still.”

She opened up the folder that held all the details from all of my visits then.

“I have the results from the CAT scan here,” she started. “I've been looking over them quite intently.”

I closed my eyes while listening to her words. This sounds like they found something. I felt a hand grab mine gently. Opening my eyes, I noticed my husband had started to stroke my hand to calm me.

“I can't say now what they found honestly,” she continued. She placed the CAT scans where we could see them. “I'd need more in depth scans in order to see what these lighter sections are here and here.” She motioned with the top of her pen toward two spots that did indeed appear to be lighter, almost white.

She sat back at that point, “Right now, I can't send you for an MRI scan since you're pregnant still. But, as soon as the little one is born I am going to have you sent for an MRI to get a more focused scan on that area.”

I nodded. So, in one month, I'd be racing around for more tests. Breathe, just breathe. I felt a pat on my hand from my husband. “Everything is going to be fine,” he said reassuringly. “One month and we'll find out more hun.”

Chapter 4

New Arrival

The next month went by decently smoothly. Other than the fact that the newest one wanted to send us back and forth when he was almost due to the delivery room. A week prior to him being born I was having labor pains and thought it was time so, we packed up and headed down to the women’s center and delivery. They went through all of their tests on me. Yes, I was contracting but, I wasn't near ready and should go home.

The following week, we were back down with the same response being given after they ran their tests. The difference this time though, they sent me home again even though I was starting to dilate. It just wasn't happening fast enough to take up a room yet. So our morning trip was for naught.

Going back home while still having contractions, I stayed wrapped around my pillow. Hugging it when they hit full force. It went on for the next few hours like this and we kept track of the time between them, how long they lasted. Finally, I gripped down on my husband's arm during one. I couldn't take it any longer.

We went back down to the delivery room, my husband with his moon shaped indents in his arm from my nails as proof that it's most likely time. They ushered me back again to check me. Again, I hadn't dilated enough to warrant a room. However, based off of the monitor's of my contractions, I was indeed in full labor, it just wasn't progressing. They were keeping me, and on top of that, they were going to induce the labor faster.

I was ushered into the next room to be wired up on everything but the kitchen sink in my opinion. They attached a fetal heart rate monitor to my stomach. Then they inserted an IV into my arm for the petocin infusion. Finally, they leaned me forward for the epidural. I started to raise my eyebrow a bit at this toward the nurses.

“If you think you're in pain now from a day full of contractions like what is registering,” she started to say. “When this petocin gets into your system, it can make it ten times worse and a lot faster.”

At that I just whole heartedly agreed and leaned forward for the pinch of the needle. When it was finished, they settled me down on the bed and hooked up the IV bag. I reached over and grabbed my husband's hand. Breathing normally now, I let out a sigh.

“We'll keep close watch on everything Mrs. Maines,” the nurse said after everything was finished up. I just nodded in reply to her as she walked out of the room. Now it was just a waiting game, wait for the medication to take effect on the labor as well as the contraction pain. I took a breath and let it out.

And so we waited, my husband and I together. The contractions did begin to get more frequent. As I watched the monitors, I was grateful for the epidural as I watched the contractions top out for a few seconds and then settle. I could still feel a small bit of pain but, I wouldn't have wanted to feel something that intense after the day I had had.

The nurse came back in to check on me after about fifteen minutes. She could tell that yes, I was have full labor contractions. She checked to see if I progressing any toward delivery. So far, there was very little progression on that end thus far, so she left my husband and I again for more of the medication to run its course.

Another fifteen minutes passed and the nurse returned. This time she was accompanied by my OB.

“How's it going in here?” she asked cheerfully. Smiling at the two of us.

“Not...,” I breathed slowly.

She glanced over at the monitor. “That was a big one, you do have the button for the epidural right?”

I held up the button in my right hand. “Yep, just trying not to over do it.”

“Well, let's see what's going on then,” she replied.

She went on to check my charts for contractions for how long they were and how often. Then she came to check my dilatation.

“Hm,” she said. “After thirty minutes plus your labor before being here, he should be ready to come on out. I didn't want to have to do this and it's really up to you. Even with the petocin, you've barely progressed any outside of more intense contractions. The next thing we can do is break your water.”

The second that was mentioned I clicked the button on the epidural. I had heard too many times how painful that could make labor. We had already intensified it with the petocin. My husband was already holding my hand but he looked down at me at this point.

“It's really up to you hun,” he said. “I know this has been a rough time for you”

I glanced back at the her and nodded. Taking a deep breath, “Yeah, we can go ahead with that then.”

“Well, I’ll go get everything set up then,” she said warmly to me. “We'll have everything prepped up for this little one's arrival.” She then left the room quickly to make the arrangements and start the process.

When she returned, she was accompanied by the nurse and had brought along towels and bowl with the clamps for the umbilical cord. They were well prepared after ten hours worth of labor for me, the last thirty minutes being intense labor in their ward. She explained how they do the process to break the water and that the labor would become more painful. Instinctively, I clicked the button on the epidural after she said that. She then told me that my body will naturally know what to do but, I should remember from the last delivery.

“Just don't push until I tell you okay,” she said.

She then broke my water and, the little one that had been fighting all day to stay in his little home still refused to come out. Oh goodness, but my body said otherwise at that point as the pain intensified and I had to click the epidural.

“You can go ahead and push,” my doctor said.

At the same time I pushed the first time, suddenly the little one began to co-operate with our efforts.

“Whoa, stop,” she said to me. She had to reach down and help him out from what it seemed. The doctor had to re-adjust him as he attempted to come out breech. She managed to spin him around. Apparently we guess he realized that his watery home was gone and it was best to get out now. And he was coming out, fast. She managed to turn him around before he came out though and finally gave me the word.

“Ok, Push!” she said. She didn’t have to tell me twice as another contraction hit me at the same time. “Okay, we got him, you’re good. You can relax now hun.”

I stared up at my husband bewildered. All of that lead in and and earlier that day only for the actual delivery to take no time at all.

The nurses and OB got the newest addition all cleaned up and brought him over to me. Apparently in his rush out of his ruined home he had injured his arm so they had it in a small splint. Poor little guy. In no hurry to get out when it was time then in such a hurry he had hurt himself.

“It’s nothing bad, he just needs to keep the splint on for a little while,” my OB said as she saw us inspecting the splint. “It will make sure that there isn’t any actual damage from his race into the world.”

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