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The Life of Daniel Ceschin

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Table of Contents


1. Where It All Began

2. A Phone Call that Changed Everything

3. And the Child Grew and Became Strong

4. Bicycle Rides and Little Accidents

5. A Desperate Woman

6. Peace at Last?

7. A Great Life in a Little Farm

8. The 1954 Chevy Truck

9. Separation From the Father He Loved

10. The Need to Move Once Again

11. Taking Charge of the Situation

12. A Stranger in Paradise

13. Always Having a Good Time

14. Life Was Getting Harder

15. The Separation

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This is the real-life story of Daniel Ceschin, who was born in Brazil and was adopted by a couple who couldn’t conceive their own children. The sickly boy was much loved and changed everything in the couple’s life.

Things became so hard for them in Brazil that they decided to move back to the United States, where they had lived before. For Danny it was like moving to paradise.

But he had a difficult time in school and decided to quit and look for work. After drifting from job to job during a period of several years, Danny finally found his calling when he became the Internet Sales Manager in a medium-sized computer and software company. Danny also met Nicole, the woman who would later be the mother of his one and only reason for living, his daughter Lianna.

This story is told by Danny’s adoptive father, a retired journalist, and a translator/interpreter who always did the best he could to see Danny happy.

This book was written as a special gift to Danny’s daughter, Lianna Alenay Ceschin, allowing her to know everything about her Papi and to keep his memory alive until they meet again, in Eternity.

  1. Where it All Began

Brazil is a big and beautiful country. It’s about half the size of the continent of South America, and its population is a little over 200 million people. The country’s climate is very similar to South Florida’s climate, and most of its people are friendly and welcome everybody with open arms.

The name “Brazil” is from a word in the old Portuguese language which means “burning ember.” It is the official name of a species of trees which produce a very expensive and beautiful red colored natural dye. Unfortunately, this species of trees is almost extinct, in spite the fact that it’s Brazil’s national tree.

This story is about a family who lived in the Brazilian city of Bebedouro, located in the northern region of the State of São Paulo. It is a small town, with a population of about 75,000 people, most of whom are dedicated to the production of oranges and the industrialization of orange juice. Brazil is the leading orange producer in the world and it is responsible for about 30% of the world’s output. It is also the leading exporter of frozen concentrated orange juice.

It was the year 1986.

Mary and Joseph lived in Bebedouro, in a beautiful log home on a hill. Mary’s parents and her brother and sister-in-law also lived in the same city. Mary’s father owned a shoe store in the downtown area that also sold high quality clothing.

Mary and Joseph had recently returned from the United States, where they had been married and where they had lived for almost seven years. They wanted to have children, but they couldn’t, because Joseph was sterile.

Joseph had two other children from a previous marriage, Carlos, who was 23 years old at the time, and Eugenia, who was 15 and had been living with Joseph and Mary for over 5 years. The two had been adopted.

Joseph worked at home as a translator for several large publishing companies, translating books from English and Spanish into Brazilian Portuguese. He used his computer and printer in his work, but there was no Internet available at the time, and he had to drive close to 600 miles about once a month to deliver the work he did. He would leave home at about 4 AM and would be back at around 11 PM. It was a long and dangerous trip and although he loved it, coming home was the best part of those trips.

Mary was a teacher, but she only worked taking care of Joseph and their home. She loved her dog and her cat, but she really wanted to have a child. She also loved to spend the afternoons and early evenings with her parents, and she would visit them every day.

Mary and Joseph loved each other, but their life was boring. There was almost nothing to do in that town and traveling by car was very expensive. So, they stayed home, and Joseph spent his time working, seven days a week, about 12 hours a day. He was able to translate an average book in about 30 days. The money was OK, but Joseph knew he wouldn’t be rich by doing that kind of work.

The fact that he worked at home made things a little easier for him and for Mary. When Joseph had to go on errands, he just left his computer and went. He didn’t have to wait for anybody’s authorization to leave his work, and he loved that.

Mary, on the other hand, had to find what to do at home. The perfect word to describe her life is boring!

Once in a while Joseph and Mary would get in their car and take to the road. They had relatives in other towns and they loved to go visit them. In most cases they would come back the same day and fall back into the same routine.

Mary felt that she needed something to fill her days. She was a teacher and she wanted to work, but there was no work available for her there.

She was happily married to Joseph and she liked that her husband was happy with his work and with the money he was making, but she was worried that he had to work that much. She wanted to help.

She felt that something had to happen to make her happier, and something big was indeed about to happen.

2. A Phone Call That Changed Everything

It was about 10 AM on a Tuesday morning and Mary was cooking lunch. As always, Joseph was sitting by his computer translating a book from Spanish into Portuguese. This was a book about religion in the middle ages, and it was as boring as any book can be. But the publishing company was paying almost double the regular rate for its translation.

The phone rang, and Mary answered. It was a friend of hers. “Hi, Mary, how are you?

Mary was a little reticent. Although they lived in the same town, it had been months since she had seen her friend. After a few seconds, Mary said, “Fine, thanks. What can I do for you?”

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