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Gaetano Tom Long Martino

Brooklyn Genovese Soldier

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In January 1928 New York Police arrested an unemployed longshoreman, Gaetano Mimi Martino (1901-), for a jewelry store robbery. The heist occurred at 268 Union Street in Brooklyn. Gems and $55 in cash were taken as the crime proceeded. Authorities were particularly impressed by Martino’s story that he took the jewels to obtain food for his family. So much so that they promised to request a suspended sentence.

On Tuesday afternoon, January 17, Martino’s wife, Josephine (1905-1973) was located in two clean bare rooms at the Union Street address. The Martinos wed when Gaetano was 21.

The family had three children, Rosalia Rosie Martino Nicchi (1922-2005), 5, Dominick (died 2013), 3, and John, 1. She told authorities that Gaetano had been out of work for six months. There was no food in the home. However, detectives and reporters gave Josephine $10 in currency and bills.

There is a February 17, 1924 record of Gaetano Martino arriving in New York City from Naples, Italy. Age 23, he sailed aboard the Conte Rosso.

Born in Palermo, Italy in 1901, Martino immigrated to the United States in 1913. By 1930 his residence had changed to 528 Clinton Street in Brooklyn. He rented a residence for $35 a month.

In 1940 Gaetano Martino lived on Union Street once again. An unemployed longshoreman, he had an 8th grade education. The 1940 United States Census lists the length of his unemployment as twenty-four years. His home rental was $36 per month. At some juncture Martino served in the U.S. Coast Guard.

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