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Aniello Mr. T. Ercole

Boxing Manager and

Genovese Soldier

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In February 1927 cigar maker Aniello Ercole, 31, was one of two men held in $300 bail on a disorderly conduct charge. Ercole, of 544 Hicks Street, Brooklyn, and printer Paul Catania, 40, of 553 Lenox Road, 40, were accused of gambling.

Appearing before Magistrate Hirshfield in Fifth Avenue Court, the men were arrested in an early morning raid in a top floor apartment at 249 Columbia Street. The arrests were made by plainclothesmen William Whalen and Frederick Wagner. Both lawmen worked for Inspector Edward Pierce Mulrooney (1875-) (New York Police Commissioner 1930-1933).

Held with eleven more suspects, Ercole and Catania both admitted working as bookmaker and croupier for the gambling setup. Their hearings were scheduled for Friday, February 25th.

Aniello (also Anniello) Ercole (1898-February 12, 1959), a fight manager, was a reputed associate of mobsters Joe Adonis (1902-1971) and Albert Anastasia (1902-1957). On November 10, 1953 he stood trial before a blue-ribbon Kings County jury. County Judge Samuel Simon Leibowitz (1893-1978) personally examined each prospective witness. The justice did so in hopes of shortening a long list of anticipated challenges as Ercole’s trial proceeded. A Jewish, Romanian born justice and former defense attorney, Leibowitz is most noted for defending the Scottsboro Boys.

The boxing manager faced the prospect of deportation proceedings in Federal Court. Ercole’s license as a boxing manager was taken after he refused to testify before the New York State Crime Commission. A Kings County Rackets Grand Jury indicted Ercole, aka Mr. T. ,

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