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Lawrence Larry Black Centore Sr.

Yonkers Mobster

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In May 1976 Lawrence Centore’s name was mentioned by a witness who offered testimony in a numbers and horse betting operation. Presiding Judge Carter dismissed conspiracy charges which he believed were lacking. Justice Carter cited three time periods in which the gambling operation had thrived.

The racket operated in Yonkers, Hastings and the Bronx between 1968 and 1972. In the fall of 1973 and late 1974 football and numbers betting flourished in Tarrytown. In late 1974 the business remained exceedingly popular in the Bronx and Pelham. Aside from Centore of Yonkers, the witness named Michael DeMichaels of Hastings.

On Friday, May 7th Genovese crime family captain Lawrence Centori Sr. was among those awaiting a grand jury’s decision. The others were Peter Nickalos Variano (1925-1989) and Alfonso Coletti (1910-1980) of North Tarrytown, Henry Bucci (1910-1982) of Tarrytown, Anthony Russillo (1903-1971) of Pelham, Michael DeMichaels, and John Monaco (1911-1981), Michael Picciano (1910-1992) and James John Ostrander (1931-1995) of the Bronx.

The three defendants who pleaded guilty to gambling charges the previous week were Frank Galella (1922-2004) of North Tarrytown, Michael Evangelista (1907-1982) of New York City and William J. Murty II of New Rochelle (1924-2002). The gambling indictment alleged that the men operated an illegal betting business from April 1971 through February 1976. The gambling syndicate was active in the Bronx, North Tarrytown and lower Westchester.

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