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As a child, my father was never around and always made promises he didn’t keep. With his absence, I suffered from low self-esteem and lack of confidence from my teenage to adult years. From age 15 to age 29, I got into relationships that were no good for me, looking for love in all the wrong places. With “Me Time” and self-reflection after my last relationship, I acknowledged that over the years I tried to get love that I wanted from my father, through and from other men.

By sharing my story, I aim to let other parent-less children know that: You may have experienced similar feelings and situations as I have in this book, and you are not alone. You may feel like you are not loved because of a parent or family member’s absence, but know that God loves you and you too can be healed. After many of my failed relationships, I am now at a better place in my life and have accepted that for someone to love you, you must love yourself first. Introducing “Looking for My “Daddy”.

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