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Francesco Frank Casino Cucola

Genovese Soldier

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October 1963 testimony given by ex-Mafioso Joseph Michael Joe Cargo Valachi (1904-1971) resulted in the arrest of hoodlum Joseph Francesco Frank Casino Cucola (January 22, 1911-October 1, 2006). Cucola, also Cucolo, who was born in Belleville, New Jersey, was held in contempt in the ongoing Mafia investigation. The inquiry was carried out by the United States Senate Crime Committee.

Valachi told Senate investigators that Cucola had placed a telephone call to Anthony Little Augie Pisano Carfano (1895-1959) on the night of his murder, September 25, 1959. He identified Cucola as a lieutenant in the Genovese Cosa Nostra family. In October 1963 Genovese was in prison on a 1959 narcotics conviction.

Carfano, a Luciano family caporegime, was gunned down in his car with his girlfriend seated next to him. The capo’s mistress, Janice Drake, had died with him in his auto while driving through Jackson Heights, Queens. Valachi testified that the couple were murdered because of Carfano’s friendship with Mafioso Frank the Prime Minister Costello (1891-1973). Cucola was originally held on a contempt charge in connection with the investigation.

Valachi was brought before the Washington grand jury under heavy guard on Wednesday, October 16th. The Carfano murder investigation was turned over to a grand jury by Queens District Attorney Frank D. O’Connor (1909-1992). The DA had relinquished jurisdiction following Valachi’s testimony before the Senate investigative subcommittee.

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