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George Blah Blah Smurra

Genovese Family Soldier

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A hitman for Vito Don Vitone Genovese (1897-1969) and Michele Big Mike Miranda (1896-1973), George Smurra was also involved in Genovese family narcotics and gambling operations in Brooklyn. With a criminal record that included burglary, felonious assault, assault and robbery and murder, Smurra originally worked for Genovese caporegime Rocco the Old Man Pellegrino (1890-1975).

The Mafia boss in Westchester, New York, Pellegrino was a supplier of heroin to Dallas mobster Joseph Francis Joe Civello (1902-1970). Utilizing Lucchese figure Giovanni John Ormento (1912-1974) as his contact man, Pellegrino’s main drug supplying associate was Rosario Sam Mogavero (1924-).

With a brother already living in Brooklyn, Pellegrino had arrived in the United States in 1905.  He quickly settled at 31 Ferris Avenue, White Plains, New York, where he opened a bakery. He lived there from 1917-1919. Associating himself with the Calabrian Society, the organization specialized in Mafia extortion. Pellegrino rose to become one of its leaders.

 Pellegrino was arrested in 1912 after the Calabrian society was exposed. From 1919-1920 he was imprisoned for assault. His involvement in the bootlegging industry resulted in his arrest in 1922. In 1927, and again in 1932, Pellegrino made trips to Italy.

 The date of his initiation into the Genovese family is uncertain. However, it was likely to have been sometime in the 1930s. With his associates accompanying him, Rocco became the capo for Westchester County.

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