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Genovese Family Capo

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In January 1935 Cosmo Gus Frasca (December 4, 1907-August 1980) FBI # 285760 ran a service station with his father at 6516 13th Avenue in Manhattan. On Tuesday, January 8th Cosmo was arraigned in Tombs Court. He was charged with assault and robbery in a December 19, 1934 jewelry holdup at 15 Eldridge Street in Manhattan. The $2,000 heist occurred in a business owned by Isadore Koket (1883-1952). A jewelry maker originally from Russia/Poland, Koket’s home address was 125 Sutter Avenue, Brooklyn. Of medium height and build, Isadore had brown hair and eyes. He was married to Ethel Koket.

Frasca spent some time in prison during the early 1930s. He was a loyal associate of Michele Big Mike Miranda (1896-1973) and the Neapolitan faction.

Gus Frasca, 23, of 6718 13th Avenue, George Smurra of 1268 65th Street and Bakers Union delegate Salvatore Zappola, 22, of 1739 80th Street, were arrested for the Saturday, March 13, 1931 robbery of the New England Panama Hat Company of 341 39th Street. The holdup men came away with $10,000.

In January 1932 Cosmo Frasca, 24, was held as a disorderly person under the public enemy law. He was detained pending a January 11th hearing in Snyder Avenue court. Detective Arthur F. Giddings (1902-1967) of the Borough Park Station arrested Frasca. He pleaded not guilty and was held in $1,500 bail.

In December 1934 Gus Frasca, of 6516 Thirteenth Avenue, was arrested with Joseph Lenna (1915-) of 910 39th Street in Brooklyn. It was around 2:15 a.m. when Policeman Joseph Frank was completing his tour of duty on Saturday, December 17th. As he waited for a bus to arrive Frank had just left the Poplar Street Police station in his civilian clothes.

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