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Ferdinand Boccia

Murdered by Vito Genovese

Brooklyn, September 19, 1934

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On November 19 Kings County Judge Samuel Simon Leibowitz (1893-1978) read a letter that Ernest Ernie the Hawk Rupolo (1916-1964) had composed in April 1945. It related to the murder of New York mobster/gambling racketeer Ferdinand the Shadow Boccia (1904-1934). Rupolo had witnessed the gangland murder that was set up by Vito Don Vitone Genovese (1897-1969). Boccia was gunned down on September 19, 1934 in the restaurant of a Brooklyn clubhouse at 533 Metropolitan Avenue. Ferdinand was the steerer for the gambling ring. Under indictment foe the Boccia slaying, Genovese had fled to Italy in 1938.

Members of the Charles Lucky Luciano (1897-1962) mob, Genovese and Boccia had conceived a plot to swindle a visiting Italian out of a small fortune during a fixed card game. Having introduced Genovese to the dupe, a pair of hoodlums had successfully taken $150,000 from him.

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