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Ernest Ernie the Hawk Rupolo

Mafia Informant

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On Saturday, May 19, 1934 Ernest Rupolo (1916-August 24, 1964) was one of three Brooklyn youths who appeared in a lineup at Manhattan Police headquarters. Rupolo, 19, lived at 2150 East 1st Street. He had five previous arrests and had also been sentenced to penitentiary terms twice previously.

The other men were George Smurna, 24, of 1133 69th Street, and Palmo Dacunto (1912-1979), 21, of 1424 68th Street. Dacunto had three prior arrests with no prior convictions. Smurna had been arrested eighteen times previously. He had been convicted once for burglary and spent eight months in city prison.

In October 1934 former NYPD policeman and current New York City magistrate William F. O’Dwyer (1890-1964) warned Rupolo and his fellow defendant Rosario Palmieri (1915-). The two men appeared in Bay Ridge Court. They were charged with attempting to murder William Gallo by shooting him four times.

An Irish-American politician, O’Dwyer had summoned Gallo to the stand. He asked him directly whether Rupolo and Palmieri were the thugs who had shot him. Appearing agitated and nervous, Gallo had refused to answer. Gallo had also decline to answer when the magistrate had asked him pointedly if the men had shot him, and that he didn’t want to press a complaint.

After ordering Rupolo and Palmieri removed to their cells, O’Dwyer had resumed his questioning. Finally, Gallo had answered yes when pressed on whether the two men had shot him. Asked whether both Rupolo and Palmieri had been present, Gallo had answered once more in the affirmative. The witness also said yes when questioned if both men had guns in their hands, and had shot him.

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