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John Spurdis

NYPD Hero Cop

Mafia Associate

Convicted of Attempted Murder

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John Spurdis, 37, was a former New York City Police detective. In 1974 he was dismissed from the force for associating with known criminals. On Tuesday, August 22, 1978 Spurdis, 36, of Norwich, Connecticut, was arraigned in Yonkers City Court. He was charged with the attempted murder of a forty-year-old pharmacist.

Lawrence Maffei, head of Westchester County Indictment’s Bureau, discussed the charges against the former cop. He said a county grand jury had also indicted Spurdis for assault and criminal possession of a weapon.

Spurdis was ordered held without bail after his attorney, Fred Cohn of Manhattan, failed in his plea before Yonkers City Judge Aldo A. Nastasi (1956-). The lawyer had unsuccessfully argued that jail would be an unwarranted hardship on his client. A felony hearing was scheduled for Friday, August 25th.

On Monday, August 21, Spurdis was arrested at his Norwich, Connecticut home. He was charged with firing as many as five shots, at point blank range, into Joseph Loeb. Loeb was shot outside his sumptuous Warburton Avenue apartment complex on Thursday, August 17th.

As of Tuesday, August 22nd, Yonkers Police had found no motive for the shooting. Law enforcement was actively searching the backgrounds of the shooter and victim for clues as to a motive.

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