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Matthew Ianniello

Genovese Family Acting Boss


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From 1998-2005 Matthew Joseph Matty the Horse Ianniello (June 18, 1920-August 15, 2012) was acting boss for the Genovese crime family. Age 57 in 1977, he lived in Old Westbury, Long Island.

Released in 1992, a confidential New York Police Department report revealed that Ianniello earned most of his income from more than eighty New York bars and restaurants. In the 1960s and 1970s he presided over the profitable adult entertainment business that flourished in Times Square.

In June 1964 the New York State Liquor Authority cancelled the license of Time Square Restaurant Matty’s Towncrest. At 132 West 49th Street. Owned by Matthew Ianniello, the establishment was cited for female entertainers soliciting drinks from male customers. Matty’s Towncrest was part of Manhattan District Attorney Frank Smithwick Hogan’s (1902-1974) probe.

The New York Post disclosed that Ianniello had been questioned extensively during a grand jury inquiry into vice operations and the payoffs that protected them. Ianniello was nicknamed Big Sixteen. This referred to the weight he reportedly carried in the 16th Police Pct. It comprised the entire Times Square area. Matty was once charged with possession of more than twenty pounds of heroin. Big Sixteen may have also referred to the gangster’s imposing physique.

A breakthrough in the case came after two 49th Street bar owners granted immunity. Long suspicioned in the investigation, both proprietors testified before the panel. Aside from Ianniello, Benjamin Cohen also offered testimony. He owned the Rialto Bar & Grill at 150 West 49th Street. In the summer of 1964 it had only recently closed.

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