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John Handsome Jack Giordano

Staten Island

Gambino Family Caporegime

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On Thursday, August 1, 1991 John Handsome Jack Giordano (1941-2009), 50, a capo in the Gambino crime family, was one of eight New York City Mafiosi charged with murder, assault, extortion, drug sales, forgery and gambling. The indictments were announced by Manhattan District Attorney Robert Morris Morgenthau (1919-).

Giordano’s crew was one of the six or eight that flourished in the Gambino family. The Gambinos were the largest crime organization in the United States. Only the Genovese family was comparable in terms of size and influence.

The charges were considered a major setback to the Gambino crime organization headed by John Joseph Gotti Jr. (1940-2002). I think this is a big blow to the Gambino family, Morgenthau stated.

Five of the defendants were taken into custody on July 31st. A single wanted man remained at large while two other defendants were already in jail on other charges.

A single indictment accused John Giordano’s brother Joseph the Blonde Giordano (1949-2013), 42, with murdering Robert Wyler on November 6, 1989. Wyler’s body was found dead in the back of a car. Parked several blocks from a Staten Island auto shop, Wyler had been shot three times in the head. The murder was attributed to threats Wyler had made against John Giordano’s mob crew.

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