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Angelo Amico

Rochester, New York

Mafia Boss

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The Rochester, New York Mafia began to flex its muscles in the 1950s and 1960s. During this era they exerted control over gambling rackets and organized labor. By the 1980s many of La Cosa Nostra’s western New York associates were in prison.

On Friday, October 2, 1987 Angelo Amico (1931-2011) was one of five western New York organized crime figures to be indicted for extortion charges. Those indicted were described in press reports as part of the new leadership among mobsters in the region. The men were accused of extorting gambling revenue payments from sixteen different betting operations.

Accused in the indictment were Angelo Amico, 55, of Rochester, and Loren A. Piccarreto (1951-) of Greece. The indictment accused them of taking charge of the criminal operation on October 30, 1984. Also named in the October 2nd indictment was Donald E. Paone (1944-), who was serving a prison sentence, Joseph F. LaDolce (1923-2010) and Joseph R, Geniola (1928-2008). The two latter indictees were both from Rochester.

LaDolce was originally from Irondequoit in Monroe County. Age 16 in 1940, he lived on Taft Avenue in Rochester. By 1943 he was serving as a private in the warrant officers branch of the United States Army. Employed as a firefighter in 1951, LaDolce’s residence was 144 7th Street in Rochester. In 1993 LaDolce lived at 85 Schum Lane.

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