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Raymond Wean

Bonanno Family Enforcer

And Government Informant

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Copyright 2018 by Robert Grey Reynolds Jr.

In late July 1982 ex-Bonanno family soldier Raymond J. Big Ray Wean (1935-), 31, appeared as a witness in a Manhattan, New York District Court. While testifying he disclosed that he had smuggled cigars, booze, cigarettes, or anything he wanted, into a federal jail where mobster Carmine Galante (1910-1979) was imprisoned. Bonanno boss Galante was later murdered in a gangland ambush while dining at a Bushwick, New York Italian restaurant.

Testifying on Tuesday, July 27, 1982, Wean told jurors that in June 1980 his mob crew had conspired to burglarize a Manhattan townhouse. It was owned by the Shah of Iran’s twin sister, Princess Ashraf Pahlavi (1919-2016). The robbery attempt was botched after a security guard had panicked. Raising his hands in the air, the guard had tripped Wean’s gun trigger. Wean had been shot in his hand. The aborted attempt to rob Princess Ashraf’s residence had occurred on June 21, 1980.

The witness was appearing at the trial of five reputed Bonanno mobsters who were charged with racketeering. Impulsively Wean had called off the robbery after he’d noticed the guard lying on the floor. Momentarily thinking that the security man had been shot, he cautioned his companions to abort the score.

Moreover, another robbery had been abruptly terminated. This one involved the planned holdup of the Pan American Credit Union in Bergen County, New Jersey. The heist, slated to come off in November 1980, was also unsuccessful. After casing the credit union, Wean and his cohorts had arrived only to be greeted by policemen waiting for them. All the suspects were arrested. However, each was later freed for lack of evidence.

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