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Anthony Whack Whack Indelicato

Bonanno Family Soldier

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Anthony Bruno Indelicato (1947-) took part in the July 12, 1979 Bushwick, New York assassination of Bonanno family crime boss Carmine Lilo Galante (1910-1979). Two years later the Commission (Mafia) ordered Indelicato’s murder. He was one of three Mafiosi who was targeted to be killed. The other three, all caporegimes, were also affiliated with the Bonanno crime organization. One of them was Anthony’s father. Their names were Bonanno capo Alphonse Sonny Red Indelicato (1931-1981), Bonanno capo Dominic Big Trin Trinchera (1936-1981) and Philip Philly Lucky Giacone (1932-1981).

In 1982 Bonanno soldier Benjamin Lefty Ruggiero (1926-1994) and Bonanno underboss Nicholas Angelo Nicky Mouth Santora (1942-) were convicted of conspiracy to carry out the four murders. A federal war against the Mafia was launched in 1982. A combination of one hundred federal agents and New York Police Department (NYPD) detectives divided themselves into five groups. One group was assigned to investigate each of New York’s five Mafia families. Between August 1983 and February 1985 more than 300 mob members and their associates were indicted.

Alphonse Indelicato was a prominent caporegime in the Bonanno family. Known as Bruno and Whack Whack, Anthony Indelicato is a paternal nephew of Bonanno capo Joseph Bruno Indelicato (1925-1976). He is also the nephew of former Massachusetts’ governor Michael Dukakis’ (1933-) special assistant Gerard Thomas Indelicato (1946-).

Anthony Indelicato distinguished himself by wearing expensive Armani suits and silk ties. His real-life persona has been likened to a movie mobster.

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