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Magaddino Mafia Family

Buffalo, New York


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On Tuesday, October 15, 1963 Buffalo Police Intelligence Bureau Lieutenant Michael A. Amico (1920-2015) spoke before an assembly of United States Senate crime investigators. Amico depicted Stefano Don Stefano the Undertaker Magaddino (1891-1974) as the irrefutable lord paramount and titular head of an international crime web. The syndicate extended from Buffalo to Toronto. Magaddino was also known as The Boss or The Old Man. Figure 1 Stefano Magaddino

Stefano Magaddino lived in a luxurious Lewiston, New York home. The police detective described the mob don as in absolute control of all illegal operations in the area as pertains to organized criminal activities.

Amico and Buffalo Police Commissioner William Schneider appeared before a permanent investigating subcommittee. It was entrusted with exposing Buffalo organized crime, which former mobster Joseph Michael Joe Cargo Valachi (1904-1971) had touched on during his 1963 testimony. Amico cited the syndicate as having a measure of control over gambling, vice, narcotics, labor racketeering, arson and other illegal activities in the Erie County city. According to court testimony, without Magaddino’s consent the Buffalo-based La Cosa Nostra organization couldn’t commit a crime.

A crime chart presenting the Magaddino network was introduced before the Senate subcommittee. Aside from Stefano Magaddino, names on the list were Giovanni John C. Montana (1893-1964), Frederico Lupe Randaccio (1907-2004), Salvatore Sam Pieri (1911-1981), John Cammillieri, Pasquale Pat Titters Natarelli (1910-1993), Roy Carlisi, Steven Cannarozzo (1921-1982), Salvatore Brocato (1931-1994), Joseph Fino, Salvatore Bonito, Daniel Sansanese, Paul Briandi (1907-1992), Anthony Perna (1903-1968), Salvatore Rizzo (1926-2001), Pasquale Pascal Politano (1921-2001), Sam Lagattuta (1933-1980), Salvatore Miano (1919-1971), Michael Tascarella (1921-1976), Antonio Magaddino (1897-1971) and James LaDuca (1912-1993).

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