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Rosario Russell Mancuso

Utica, New York Mobster

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In 1958 federal narcotics agent Martin F. Pera testified before the United States Senate Rackets Committee. On July 2, 1958 the Rome, New York Daily Sentinel reported that Rosario Mancuso and Anthony Falange had acquired a restaurant. Located in Plattsburgh, it became a Mafia hangout. Figure 1 Rosario Mancuso

Born in Buffalo on January 29, 1907, in May 1958 Rosario Mancuso lived at 926 Arthur Street in Utica. His occupation was listed as concrete business. Mancuso compiled numerous arrests after he was first charged as a juvenile delinquent in 1920. He was a feared strong arm and trigger man. Rosario’s criminal activities included labor racketeering, safe cracking and fencing stolen property. During his lengthy criminal career Mancuso was arrested for burglary, robbery and assault with intent to kill.

The son of Italian immigrants Orazio (1872-1956) and Mary Mancuso, in 1920 Rosario lived on Trenton Avenue in Buffalo. Orazio Mancuso was a laborer in the building industry.

The Mancusos had ten children. Aside from Rosario the others were Orazio (1901-1919), Vincent (1903-), Salvatore (1905-1984), Louis (1908-), Charles (1911-1993), Cocifissa (1914-), Sarah (1916-), Joseph Ben (1917-1980) and Rose (1919-).

In November 1933 Anthony Frank Falange (1913-1988) was elected secretary-treasurer of the International Hod Carriers and Common Laborers Union Local 186. In the same election Mancuso was chosen Local 186 president and Carl Giardino was made the union’s business agent. The union’s territorial jurisdiction extended to parts of Essex and Franklin Counties. It also encompassed the entirety of Clinton County.

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