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Armand Tommy Rava

Gambino Family Capo

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In 1930 Armando Armand Tommy Rava (March 7, 1911-September 1958) lived at 647 4th Avenue in Brooklyn, New York. The son of Italian immigrants, Rava was employed as a butcher in a meat store. He rented his residence for $20 per month. On November 25, 1929 Rava wed Florence Del Bono in Manhattan. The Ravas had a baby boy, born in July 1933.

A caporegime in the Gambino crime family, Rava was associated with upper echelon Mafioso like Albert Anastasia (1902-1957), Carlo Don Carlo Gambino (1902-1976), Giuseppe Joseph Joe Profaci (1897-1962) and Constantino Big Paul Castellano (1915-1985). Operating Gambino family rackets in Brooklyn, Armand Rava dealt primarily in illegal alcohol and drugs. He was also a gambling racketeer.

1942 Bootlegging Ring

In March 1942 Armand Rava pleaded guilty in connection to a New York bootlegging ring. The criminal operation had defrauded the government of $1,600,000 in alcohol taxes. Before his eventual surrender, Brooklyn-born ring member John Mondo (1923-2004) had fled on $2,500 bond. Mondo’s arrest, and Rava’s subsequent guilty plea, left a fifteenth gangster at large as a fugitive. Meanwhile, on Wednesday, March 11th, fourteen men accused of bootlegging were tried in court.

The unpaid taxes represented revenue from illicit stills in New Jersey and transportation of alcohol to New York, Connecticut, Pennsylvania and Massachusetts. It comprised income from liquor dating to 1939. The alcohol was distributed in five states.

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