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Gabriel Kelly Mannarino

New Kensington, Pennsylvania Mobster

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In 1959 Republican Congressman William Cato Bill Cramer (1922-2003) made a vital criminal connection. While speaking before the U.S. Senate Rackets Committee, he explained his take on the October 25, 1957 barbershop murder of Mafioso Albert Anastasia (September 26, 1902-October 25, 1957). He linked the execution to delegates of the November 14, 1957 Apalachin, New York mob conclave.

Speaking before Congress Cramer said, it is presumed that Anastasia’s assassins were Cubans who were imported from Havana at the behest of those who attended the Apalachin meeting. The conclave had occurred only weeks after the hit on the feared Mafia boss.

Just days before Cramer made his address the Senate Rackets Committee heard from a New York City Police Department detective. He testified that the Apalachin hoods had commuted the death sentence of jukebox racketeer Carmine Lombardozzi (1913-1992) to a $10,000 fine. Before his fortunate commutation Lombardozzi, had been fingered to die.

Cramer emphasized that had Anastasia not been shot and killed at the Park Central Hotel barber shop, the New York district attorney’s office would have arrested him imminently. The St. Petersburg Republican had introduced a bill to outlaw conspiracies perpetrated by gangsters and hoodlums who use interstate commerce or interstate communications in furtherance of their terroristic activities, crimes and rackets. The bill creates a new crime known as terroristic offense which is intended to be a catchall for all types of conspiracies of an interstate nature which presently, because of their interstate character, have been largely beyond the reach of local law enforcement.

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