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Canada, the second largest country in the world, offers a lot of opportunities for those who want to integrate and be part of its development. Due to the immensity of its territory and its low population density, it has well-established immigration policies, which open the opportunity to thousands of people from all over the world in a continuous and organized way.

At the same time, individuals and families from all corners of the planet want to change their daily lives in some way and they find in this country an opportunity to open a new path. However, the degree of readiness for such a drastic change of life varies from one individual to another and complete adaptation is not always achieved.

I wrote this book in an attempt to tell some moments of my early years in Canada, in a way that encourages the reader interested in immigrating to prepare in a realistic way. More than giving advice, I intend simply to present some of my personal experiences, so the reader has one more element when it comes to planning and making decisions. I try to include both good experiences and decisions as well as those that were not so good or so successful.

The book does not include what is related to immigration procedures, the objective being to present an approach that, for me, is more important than the management of documentation: that of the main axes of long-term life.

Due to my decision to stay in Canada (this is the real decision I faced, after the desire to immigrate) my environment, my priorities, my vision of life have changed, which would be wrong to try to summarize them in a few paragraphs. I hope the reader will understand my message and will obtain the maximum benefit for his particular process.


This e-book was originally published in Spanish language. I decided to translate it into the English language, knowing that Canada arouses special interest in many regions of the planet. I hope that the message I want to convey in this book will transcend cultural differences.

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