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Anthony Tony Ducks Corallo

Lucchese Family Boss

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Originally from East Harlem, Anthony Tony Ducks Corallo (February 12, 1913-August 23, 2000) worked for a short time as a a tile setter while he was a teenager. By the 1930s he became a protégé of future Mafia boss, Sicilian born Thomas Tommy Three-Fingered Brown Lucchese (1899-1967).

From his mentor Corallo learned directly the basic urban Mafia arts. Lucchese tutored his young charge in the criminal skills of loansharking, hijacking and how to work with other hoodlums to coerce protection money from garment center firms.

In 1941 Corallo’s tutelage in narcotics trafficking was brought to an abrupt halt. They were halted by the decisive action of Harry Jacob Anslinger’s (1892-1975) federal agents. A government official, Anslinger served as the first commissioner of the U.S. Treasury.

The feds captured Tony Ducks with a $150,000 wholesale cache of heroin. After being cut for retail street sales the narcotics were seized along with hundreds of thousands of dollars. After Corallo was sentenced to just six months in jail, crime observers speculated that Tommy Lucchese had used his Democratic political ties plus payoffs to obtain a lighter sentence for Corallo.

Between 1941 and 1960 Corallo was arrested twelve times as suspect for murder, robbery, hijacking and extortion. On each occasion the charges were thrown out before trial. Boss Lucchese referred to his protégé’s adept skill at dodging prosecution. On one occasion he remarked, Tony Ducks again. Even notorious Communist hunter, U.S. Senator Joseph Raymond McCarthy (1908-1957), offered Corallo a bit of insulting praise. He once described him, as one of the scariest and worst gangsters we ever dealt with.

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