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Jorge Lorenzo is one of the most successful Spanish riders. He has won two world champion titles of 250cc and three of primary class. The characteristic of the number 99 is a high fighting spirit on the track. This character also makes Lorenzo always became a threat by the rivals and crowned him as 'The Man of Steel'. He has crashed and injured for many times but still race and gain points. Several duel involving him with Valentino Rossi, Marco Simoncelli and Marc Marquez make the MotoGP race more interesting.

Jorge Lorenzo

Jorge Lorenzo Guerrero was born on May 4, 1987 in Palma, Mallorca, Spain. His father Jose Manuel 'Chico' Lorenzo works as a mechanic, while his mother Maria Guerrero is a mail carrier. Little Lorenzo started riding a motorcycle at home at the age of three. He spent months competing in his first minicross race. In 1995, at the age of eight, he won the minicross championship in his town and started taking part in minimoto and junior class motocross.

Lorenzo plunged into race on national tracks and competitions in 1997 and did not take long for him to adjust, he immediately won the 50cc Aprilia Championship in 1998. Despite the fact he was too young, a special dispensation he got to follow the 125cc Spanish competition in 2000. On age of 13 he made history in the following year while competing in Europe and became the youngest rider to win 125cc European race.

Lorenzo with his father Chico left their hometown of Mallorca in 2000, the memorable city where Lorenzo can captivate tourists from England and Germany with his skill by riding a homemade motorcycle in a water park near his home.

Lorenzo gets a call from a former rider and experienced manager Dani Amatriain to join his management. Dani saw Lorenzo's talent based on a video recording sent by his father Chico. That moment led them to a new life in Barcelona, with a determination and a goal to become MotoGP world champion.

Little Lorenzo while still in his hometown Mallorca.

Dani and Chico had a quarrel, especially regarding the education of Lorenzo. Chico hopes Lorenzo can still get a formal education, while Dani argues that education is a distraction for Lorenzo. Chico initially won, Lorenzo get a good education but because of disputes with Dani, Lorenzo must determine his own way for his future. Finally he kicked his father and followed Dani's advice to focus on the race. In fact he broke his girlfriend to live a new life, forgetting all the memories and relationships with his hometown and his past.

Two years passed. On Friday, May 3, 2002, the day before his fifteenth birthday, the young Lorenzo stood behind the Jerez Circuit line fence and watched the opening of a free practice session for the 125cc Spanish Grand Prix. His age was not enough to take part in the race, before the age of 15 in the next day. Sure enough, during Saturday's training session he found himself on the track and carved out the record as the youngest rider to qualify for the Grand Prix race.

When Lorenzo made his debut, the 2002 championship season has run two series and the Spanish Grand Prix is the third series. Lorenzo joined the Derbi team by riding the Derbi RS 125 motorcycle. Starting the race from 34th position, he improved 12 grid to finish on 22th position. A start that marks Lorenzo's glorious career later on.

Lorenzo finished the 2002 season on 21 position in the rider standings. The best result he achieved was when finish seventh in Brazil GP. He achieved the new victory in the next season when won, also in Brazil GP. It seems that Nelson Piquet International Circuit in Rio Janiero is a special memory for Lorenzo. This place witnessed the history of his debut as well as his first victory in the world championships.

Lorenzo won the Brazilian Grand Prix by overtaking Dani Pedrosa and Casey Stoner from the outside. The special moment was immortalized by Lorenzo to be his trademark, which then sticks to him wherever he races. In Spanish, overtaking from the outside is termed 'Por Fuera'. This word he expresses in a symbol of the 'X' logo and the circle he embeds in the helmet and its attributes. X for Por and the crescent circle around it refer to Fuera.

Jorge Lorenzo celebrates his first win at the 2003 Brazil GP.

In the 2003 season, the result at Rio Janiero was his only victory. The other best result is the podium of three at GP Malaysia. At the end of the season, Lorenzo collected 79 points and was ranked 12th in the final standings of the rider.

The 2004 season, his talent as a great rider began to emerge. He is getting stronger to compete with other top racers, however he just won the sixth series in the Dutch GP. Starting from seventh position, he was able to defeat pole holder Casey Stoner for his first win of the 2004 season.

The next victory he achieved in the 10th series of Czech Republic and 13th series in Qatar. Lorenzo gained total 3 victories, 7 podiums and 2 poles in the 2004 season, collected 179 points and is entitled to occupy the fourth rank standings of the riders.

The 2005 season, Lorenzo took an important step by switching to the 250cc class and joining the Fortuna Lotus team. In his first season in the new class, he was confronted with a motorcycle adaptation and a new racing style. By riding Honda RS250RW, Lorenzo seems still has a difficulty to compete with the rivals. Until the end of the season he only won 6 podiums, 4 poles and no victory, collect 167 points to gain fifth rank in final standings.

The 2005 season is also a testament to Lorenzo's aggressive style. During the 11th series in Japan he was involved in an incident with Aprilia rider Alex de Angelis. At that time de Angelis was dueling with Dani Pedrosa to fight for second place. On the last lap, de Angelis widened off the track. Seeing the space to go ahead, Lorenzo come in and at the same time de Angelis tries to get back on track. Collision is inevitable. Due to the incident, Lorenzo was punished should not race in the next series at GP Malaysia.

Massive changes made Fortuna Lotus team in the 2006 season. Honda Motor replaced with Aprilia RSW250. This step proved right for Lorenzo. He really liked the character of Aprilia motorcycle, by immediately become a winner in Jerez, Spain. In the next race in Qatar, Lorenzo win again. In the next three races, only finish the race in fourth position in China. Two other races, Turkey and France, Lorenzo he failed to finish due to an accident, the effects of his aggressive racing style.

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