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William Klondike O’Donnell

Beer Racketeer

In Capone Era Chicago

Published by Robert Grey Reynolds Jr. at Smashwords

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In April 1926 brothers Myles (died March 10,1933) and William Klondike O’Donnell (died December 1976) obtained the concession for supplying Cicero, Illinois saloons with bootleg liquor. During an April 13th primary Klondike had reputedly forced votes into a ballot box. O’Donnell’s violation followed soon after a judge’s challenge that one voter was a repeater.

By May 1933 Klondike O’Donnell shared power in the Chicago syndicate with its Welsh descended leader Murray Humphries (1899-1965). William Three-Fingered-Jack White was the other hoodlum in the mob triumvirate that presided over Chicago crime.

At the end of May 1933 White had appealed a one-year prison sentence. The three Mafiosi were the target of different anti-crime groups that were investigating criminal activities. Criminal inquiries had expanded into new fields, i.e. milk, fish and poultry, cleaning, dying and laundry businesses, kidnapping, outlaw labor unions and illegalities involving the new 3.2 beer regulations.

O’Donnell, White and Humphries were all survivors of the old Capone gang. The trio had made concerted efforts to muscle into the Teamsters and Wagon Drivers’ Union. They also sought to obtain control of the Chicago area milk industry. By April 1933 this lucrative business amounted to $20,000,000. Chicago Police Captain Daniel Aloysius Gilbert (1889-1970) predicted that an all-out gang war was imminent. The son of Irish parents, in 1930 Gilbert lived at 4117 5th Avenue in Chicago.

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