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The FBI Closes In

On Felix Milwaukee Phil Alderisio

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Copyright 2018 by Robert Grey Reynolds Jr.

In July 1969 federal authorities seized Felix Milwaukee Phil Alderisio (1912-September 25, 1971). Charged with conspiracy to defraud a bank, the indictment concluded a four-year FBI investigation. Arriving sealed, the document listed twenty-one counts against Alderisio. Three other men were named in the indictment but weren’t formally charged.

Alderisio was accused of defrauding the Parkwood Bank of $89,935. Located in suburban Harwood Heights, Illinois, the crime against the financial institution had allegedly occurred in May 1965. Alderisio was also indicted for establishing fake and insufficient collateral for home-improvement loans.

FBI Director John J. Edgar Hoover (1895-1972) described Alderisio’s arrest as a blow to the upper echelon leadership of La Cosa Nostra. The 57-year-old Chicago mobster was taken into custody on Sunday, July 28th, at his suburban home in Riverside. Twenty federal agents surrounded the residence. Bond was set at $100,000.

Richard Peter Jackowski (1929-1999), 40, of Hickory Hills, was also named in the indictment. He was a former loan officer of the Parkwood Bank.

Other indictees were Irwin R. Pinky Davis (1916-1997), 44, of Wilmette and the deceased Alan Rosenburg. The latter was discovered shot to death in March 1965. Rosenberg was the son of Russian immigrant clothing salesman Edward W. Rosenberg (1892-). Born in 1927, by 1930 Alan lived at 3150 Sunnyside Avenue in Chicago. His mother Etta (1894-) was an Illinois native. By the time Alan was in the sixth grade the Rosenbergs had moved to 5111 Kenmore Avenue.

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