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This is an excellent book, which tells some of the ways families lived during the Depression days. Older people will remember these times. Sharecropping in North Louisiana is a good source of history and would be a great book to have in the elementary grades.

George Ann Harvill, Retired

Elementary Teacher, Arkansas

Sharecropping in North Louisiana is a good study of a sharecropper’s life and a good study of a southern farmer’s life. It is a well-written book, which I enjoyed very much.

Ted Pollard, M.D., Retired,

Age 85, Louisiana

This is a very interesting book with many details of the Depression era. I recommend this book to young people. History comes alive in Sharecropping in North Louisiana.

Maigyne Edge,

Student, Age 14

Chidester, Arkansas

While reading Sharecropping in North Louisiana I felt like I was part of the family, because I also grew up a sharecropper’s daughter. It was exciting to remember my own experiences of that era. I urge everyone to discuss their family history with older family members before it is too late. Being the last survivor in our family, I regret that I failed to do so.

Eunice Platt, Camden, Arkansas

Retired Business Woman

Sharecropping in North Louisiana records many interesting events of this poor family during the Depression era. The family “made do with what they had,” which is a good philosophy for life that I would connect to the teachings of Scripture. It is clear that Lillian’s faith in Christ is very real and that she is very secure in her faith.

Dr. Larry G. Owen, Sr., Camden, Arkansas

Doctor of Practical Ministry in Theology

This book is terrific! Sharecropping in North Louisiana tells of the difficulties some people experienced growing up in the twentieth century. It tells how one family made it through the troublesome times of that era.

Jessica Walter, Eleventh Grader

Victory Christian School

Camden, Arkansas

The authors of Sharecropping in North Louisiana tell how the family members overcame tough times. Even through hard times, their lives reflected how they trusted God to get them through it all. This is an excellent book, which has taught me a lot of good things that I can apply to my life today. I would highly recommend it to anyone as a very educational book.

Jordan Mahaffey, Eleventh Grader

Camden Christian Academy

Camden, Arkansas

This book gives a good portrayal of family life during the Great Depression. Sharecropping in North Louisiana will help the reader truly appreciate the courage and heart of our ancestors. I never encountered a dull moment. It is an excellent read.

Barrett Burger, Tenth Grader

Camden Christian Academy

Camden, Arkansas

Lillian Laird Duff

Linda Duff Niemeir

Sharecropping in North Louisiana

A Family’s Struggle Through the Great Depression

Sharecropping in North Louisiana

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