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My Nightmare in Georgia 2

“A New Nightmare”

Based on a True Story

Chapter One

“My story wasn’t over, yet. It’s a whole

other book.” My name is Lindsey, my

story continues.

That was the last words quoted in the

first book, “My Nightmare in Georgia.”

To understand this book, you would

have had to read the first.

After all that happened with dad, I

began to live my teen years carelessly,

and wilder than ever, and it was

not going to be a very good thing.

I was now 16-years-old, and like I

wrote in my first book, I had to repeat

my freshman year due to the fact that I

wasn’t going to school, getting into

trouble, and dad molesting and raping

me. The second year of being a

freshman, wasn’t any better.

Getting back to my old ways, I was

getting more out of control than ever.

Get a job, keeping it until I got enough

money to party on, then quit. Get

another job, repeat the cycle.

Sometimes, I would get fired for having

a horrible attitude, or not showing up

because I partied too hard the night

before. I wasn’t responsible at all. If a

boss would tell me to do something, I

would argue with them and walk out.

Nobody was going to tell me what to do!

I had to be in control of everything.

My mom and I still argued constantly.

It would get physical at times. I could

get out of control and get violent. I

always felt bad afterward, but never told

her. I never knew why I had such anger

issues, but, I would go into a rage at the

drop of a hat. It wasn’t always with

mom, it could be with anyone, even a

stranger at the store.

My mom was called to the school one

day, and brought into the office along

with myself. The principal explained to

her that it would be best that I just

dropped out of high school, I was just

too much trouble. I was looking at

repeating freshman year, again. That’s

pretty sad when a principal wants you

out of the school! Yes, I was that out of

control. Funny thing is, I didn’t look like

a girl that would be out of control! I

think half the school clapped when they

saw me clean out my locker!

The only job I kept was at a go-kart

track, that was because my best friend’s

grandma owned it. We worked the

concession stand on Saturday nights,

and there were a lot of hot guys there,

and it was fun. Did I mention the hot

guys? After work, we would fill up the

car full of friend’s and boyfriend’s and

go cruise the strips for the night.

Because of what happened to me, I was

living care free, and didn’t give a shit

about anything, or myself. Rarely, did I

ever go home, spending the night

wherever I could crash, and only going

home long enough to shower and change

clothes. In the small amount of time I

would be home, mom and I would just

argue and fight. It wasn’t worth it for me

to be there. She wanted me to grow up

and have responsibility, and I could care

less about anything.

I hung out with diverse groups of

friends. Some got into a lot of trouble

and some did not. My preference was

the ones who did. It was more exciting.

Going out cruising, dancing, shooting

pool, chasing guys, drinking and

smoking pot was my kind of fun. I also

became promiscuous. After being raped

and molested, or even abused, you end

up having no respect for yourself. I was

very picky about who I hopped in bed

with, though.

My best friend and I would also take

off out of state without permission from

our parents to go visit her boyfriend in

South Carolina. He was a Marine. Once,

her dad took the car battery out of her

car so we couldn’t leave. She had the

hood of her car lifted, trying to figure

out why her car wouldn’t start. I cried

laughing! Hell, we were only 16. We

didn’t know! Another time, her dad

walked into her room while we were

smoking. We threw our cigarette in

the trashcan as quick as we could,

without putting them out. He asked if

we had been smoking. Our response,

“no.” Then he wanted to know why the

trashcan was on fire behind us, then

shook his head and left the room. So

young. So dumb.

My mom and my new step-dad did

their best to try to keep me out of

trouble, and tried to keep me from

running the streets, but as a parent,

there is only so much that you can do.

Mom figured that if she left me alone

long enough, that I would make

mistakes and learn from them. Little did

I know, I was going to make a lot of

mistakes, and I was going to pay for

them dearly. My nightmare was about to


Chapter Two

I got a job at a restaurant as a

dishwasher, which kind of surprised the

ladies that worked there, having a

teenage girl dishwasher, instead of being

a waitress. I knew nothing about waiting

tables at first. Met a guy there that was a

cook. He was a nerdy guy, but I was a

sucker for nerdy guys. They tend to treat

their ladies better, or so I thought. In

this book, we will call him Zach.

Zach and I started dating, he forgot to

mention one thing. He had a crazy ex-

girlfriend that he had gotten pregnant!

She harassed me and about drove me

nuts! At the time, I did not know that he

left her because of the pregnancy, and he

didn’t want anything to do with the

baby. Had I known, I would have sent

him packing. No wonder she was off her


Zach and I hung out a lot together,

even at work, and eventually I became a

waitress. Everything seemed like it was

working out for me. I had a boyfriend, a

job, hanging out and partying with

friends until the sun came up, and

sleeping all day. We were like vampires!

Then one night, I screwed up, I guess I

can say. I screwed up bad. Zach and I

were invited to a party that a great

friend and her boyfriend were having.

Of course, I wasn’t going to turn a party

down! Even though I didn’t know any of

those people, I was going!

My great friend we shall call Debbie,

Zach and I got dressed and headed out

in my car, since I was the only one who

owned one, and headed off to the party

at Debbie’s boyfriend’s house. We will

call him, Brian.

As soon as we arrived, everyone was

introduced, and there was a house full of

people. The house was rather small, but

we managed to still have an enjoyable


Everyone went from drinking beer, to

doing shots of hard liquor, which caused

Zach and I to end up borrowing a bed!

Debbie’s boyfriend walked in on us, and

of course, had to be loud about it and tell

everyone at the party. I didn’t care.

As the night grew later, the drunker we

became. I was sitting on the couch with

Zach, listening to some of the party

goer’s stories, when I turned my head as

a bedroom door opened. Debbie and her

boyfriend had evidently had the same

idea that I and Zach had earlier, and we

just laughed because we caught a

glimpse! Debbie and Brian returned to

the party later, and we continued having

fun, but, I noticed something odd. Brian

would not leave me alone. He continued

to rub up against me, whisper in my ear

about wanting me, and making sexual

comments about my body. I was

becoming uncomfortable. This was my

friend’s boyfriend, and I was not single

either. besides, I had no interest. I was

ready to leave, so I went to the bathroom

before I was to head out, and when I

came out, there he stood. I began to

shake. He would not let me pass him.

Looking around, I noticed he had the

bedroom door closed. The only way to

get to the bathroom in this small house

was through a small bedroom located

from the living room.

He stared me in the eyes, “If you don’t

fuck me, I’ll kick your boyfriend’s ass.”

He could do it. Zach was half his size,

and Brian could do some severe harm to

him, and the fact that he was drunk, no

telling how far the harm would go. I was


Tears began to stream down my cheeks

as he threw me onto the bed. I wanted to

scream as I heard the party still going on

in the next room, and the laughter.

Brian unbuttoned my jeans, pulled

them down along with my panties, and

pulled my trembling legs part. Then he

raped me, as I pleaded for him to stop.

As he was raping me, the bedroom

door swung open, and I turned my head,

still crying with my hands over my face,

to see Brains friend laughing and

smiling, and Debbie shaking her head to

the fact that she thought I was fucking

her boyfriend. I just turned my head

back towards Brian as the door shut,

and cried as he finished.

Pulling my pants up, I ran out the

bedroom, grabbed Zach by the hand,

and ran out the door, still crying, as

everyone shouted profanity at me. On

our way home, I told Zach what

happened, then dropped him off at his

home. I saved him from getting his ass

beat all to hell by a bunch of guys that

were bigger than him, and he didn’t give

a shit about what happened to me! He

had nothing to say! He walked into his

home and went to bed! What a piece of


As I drove home, it was happening all

over again. I thought to myself, “who the

hell gets raped twice in their life?”

I felt so stupid, worthless, and like a

piece of shit! This time it was my fault!

Driving home, I could barely see the

road I was crying so hard. When I finally

arrived, I ran into the house, and by

then it was a little after 7a.m. My mom

wanted to know why I was home so early

in the morning, but I ran right past her

to my room, went in and slammed the

door behind me. Grabbing a bottle of

pills, I shoved the whole bottle down my

throat and swallowed every single one.

This was it. I was done! I was raped

again, and who was going to believe me?

When my mother came into my room

and discovered what I had done, she

quickly called an ambulance, and then

my grandpa. My grandpa arrived first.

He sat me down at the table, wanting me

to explain what happened. I was still

drunk and loaded with pills, barely

holding my head up. He was

disappointed in me, which hurt worse. I

cared about what my grandpa thought of


When the ambulance arrived, they put

me on the couch, and stuck an IV in my

arm. My blood had thinned out so much,

it squirted all over the place. I could

have bled to death internally.

As the paramedics put me on a

stretcher, and loaded me up onto the

ambulance, I looked down to see Debbie

and her parents staring at me. Her dad

wanted to hunt Brian down and kill him

for what he had done to me. Debbie felt

terrible. She didn’t know. Nobody knew.

When I arrived at the hospital, they

began to shove a tube down my throat,

and I was resisting it, which made things

worse. The police threatened to take me

to jail if I didn’t let them put the tube

down. They were bluffing, and I called

them on it. The nurses put charcoal

down the tube and told me to hold it

down. My stomach was turning. A

detective came in to talk to me. As I was

telling him what happened, all I could

think about was the fact that I was about

to vomit that charcoal up, and so I

leaned over and did. Right on the

detective’s shoes! He cleaned up and

then told me the police were talking to

Brian, and of course he was denying


I stayed in the hospital for the rest of

the day. They let me out later that

evening. I went home and laid in my

bed, and stared at the ceiling. Everyone

was calling me wanting to know what

happened. I didn’t want to talk. I didn’t

want to see anyone. I laid there and

stared. I just wanted to die!

Chapter Three

Laying low for a little while, I had

fallen into a deep depression. I would

only hang out with my best friend, work

at the track, and maybe talk to less than

a handful of friends. Everywhere I was,

someone was staring, pointing, or

talking about me behind my back. It was


The police never charged Brian with

anything. There wasn’t enough evidence,

and they blew it off because we had all

been drinking. I guess no doesn’t mean

no after all. So, I did what they did, I

brushed it under the rug, and tried to

forget about it, even though it was

constantly lurking around in my mind,

just like what dad had done to me. It

was my fault. It was the way I dressed,

the way I carried myself. My reputation.

So, I took the blame. I was just asking

for it. I got what was coming to me. Dad

got a smack on the wrist, Brian got away

with it. It was time for me to move on. I

no longer had trust for anyone. Not even

a family member. My problems were

going to continue, and just get worse. I

just didn’t know how bad, yet.

As the time went on, I was beginning

to become more of myself again, just not

partying as much. If I did, it was with

people I knew well and trusted, never

knowing which friends I would be

hanging out with the following day.

Still having my job as a waitress, and

working the track on the weekends, I

met a guy that was a dishwasher at the

restaurant I worked for. We soon started

hanging out, and then started dating.

For me, it was love at first sight. The

only problem was, I did not know how to

love, but I sure was going to try.

It was 1994, only a year after being

raped by Brian, and 3 years after being

raped and molested by my dad. I was in

no shape to even try having a

relationship with anyone, but there was

something that drew me to Corey. He

was a nice guy and treated me very well.

We spent a lot of time together, and I

practically lived at his house, only going

home to shower and change clothes. My

mom was getting tired of me coming

and going as I pleased, so she and my

step-dad gave me a choice. Get a job,

stay home more often, follow the rules,

or get out. I got my shit and left, moving

in with Corey. By the time I had moved

in with him, the restaurant closed down,

and the only job I had was the go-kart

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