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Brooklyn Mafia War

Profaci vs. Gallo

February-October 1961

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Mafia boss Giuseppe Joseph Joe Profaci (1897-1962) was known in FBI files as No. 362142. To the Narcotics Bureau he was 247. The New York Police Department listed him as No. E-14481. In mid- October 1961 some crime investigators referred to the Commissioner as the No. 1 syndicate leader in the United States. Angered by the excesses of his former associates, Lawrence Larry (died May 1968) and Joseph Joey Crazy Joe Gallo (April 7, 1929-April 7, 1972), Profaci had attempted to execute the brothers on August 20, 1961. The hit on the Gallos was foiled because of the intervention of two New York City Policemen. The cops had just happened to stop into the darkened Sahara Lounge in Brooklyn. Precisely at the moment they arrived three men were in the process of tying a rope around Larry Gallo’s neck. Within the next twenty-four hours Joey Gallo escaped Mafia bullets that would have killed him.

In October of ’61 the number of lives claimed among Profaci and Gallo supporters was uncertain. However, it had been established that two of these men were missing. Ironically, Joe Profaci had supported a juvenile delinquent Joey Gallo. His rapid ascendance in the underworld ranks as a Horatio Alger story.

A truant youth of 14, by his twenty-eighth birthday Gallo had become a reliable middle echelon syndicate operative. This was in 1957. To rise this far so rapidly Joey had to perform many criminal jobs. Eventually they became too numerous to list. Police surmised that Joey’s unlawful deeds included at least six murders carried out in the New York City metropolitan area.

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