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NICOSIA …Whispers of the Past

Barbara, just out of art school, meets the love of her life. He moves to strife-torn Cypus and she follows her heart into the middle of the political unrest. It is 1956 and the Cypriots are fighting the British, faithful to their cause for union with Greece.

Michael doubles as an English maths teacher and an unlikely spy. For four years, British people are brutally murdered on the island, while young idealistic Cypriot fighters are hanged for treason.

She can leave, and be safe in England but she grows attached to mediterranean Cyprus. The birth of a son and a nation in 1960 and she stays … for life!

The Challenges of a changing Empire!


The Author studied Law at University College, London, becoming a Barrister at Lincoln‘s Inn, subsequently practising law in Cyprus for 15 years. She is now an insurance executive in Nicosia.

Anthie’s life has been one of writing – for herelf, for publication in short stories and anthologies, and book critiques. She advanced her writing by taking various creative writing classes, earning a London School of Journalism diploma in arts writing.

Translated works have been presented in professional, amateur and school productions and her adaptation of Les Miserables – the novel by Victor Hugo, was performed in Cyprus in 2015. Original historical plays, Caterina – The Last Queen of Cyprus,  Eleonora of Cyprus, and Bacon/Freud have been professionally produced on stage. "Caterina" will participate at the United Solo Festival in New York in November 2017. 

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… A Short Story by


The cities of Europe are filled with whispers of the past and a trained ear can even detect the rustle of wings and the palpitation of souls and feel the dizziness of centuries of glory and revolutions...’

Albert Camus

She opened her eyes to the sound of beeps and the smell of disinfectant. It took a just a moment for the fuzziness to dissolve and she found herself staring into a familiar shape, a beloved face, the greyish eyes, a straight nose – a Greek nose, they always told her – and the full mouth that formed into a smiling line just as her eyelids separated.

'Mother, finally, you’re awake! How are you feeling?’ Nicholas turned around as if looking for someone and then gestured for them to come inside.

She was feeling normal, as if she just woke up from peaceful sleep, she wondered if she was expected to say something else, analyse her body functions. She decided to feign some sort of sick person’s response.

Quite well. Where am I?’ she asked, even though she knew the sort of place she was at, just not the exact location.

At the Nicosia General Hospital. You fainted and fell, had a concussion and…’

Someone else was inside the room now, who else could it have been but a nurse, and as the girl drew out thermometers and pens and lenses and checked monitors, Nicholas explained exactly what Barbara already knew, that someone had found her unconscious at Eleftherias Square, that she had probably fainted due to the heat, apparently hit her head, hence was now recovering in a hospital bed. He was explaining how he found out and how quickly he was on a plane to Cyprus to see her, when Barbara interrupted him. She wanted to ask the question that she just realised was tormenting her more than the extent of her ill-health. Nicholas sighed like you do at a child when they ask stupid, irrelevant questions, with that controlled impatient tone, and said, ‘Yes, mother, your painting supplies are fine, they’re at home.’

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