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Donald Trump, Syria & More


Follow The Money: Donald Trump, Syria & More

By Pastor Alfred

Published by Pastor Alfred

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This Book Is Dedicated To You Who Are Reading It.

I Wrote It For You.


  1. Starbucks Arresting Two Black Men

  2. The Comey & Trump Thing

  3. Donald Trump Bombing Syria

  4. The Video Interview Of The Boy In The Syrian Gasing

  5. Mark Zukerberg's Testimony Before Congress

  6. Allison Mack From Smallville Being Arrested For Running A Sex Cult

  7. R.Kelly Accused Of Running A Sex Cult. And The Parents Of The Girl Living With R.Kelly Coming Forward

  8. Fabulous Accused By The Mother Of His Kid For Beating Her. Plus The Video Tape Of Him Threatening Her

  9. Lauren Southern Revealing The Murder Of White Farmers In South Africa. Plus The Land Grab

  10. Lauren Southern Being Banned From Europe

  11. The Goals Of Malema & It's Future Effects On South Africa (South Africa Becoming A Marxist Country, No Longer A Capitalist Country)

  12. Facebook Censoring Conservatives

  13. The Illegal Immigrant Caravan & MS 13

  14. Amazon admits Alexa could be hacked and turned into spy device

  15. Alfie Evans


I Thank God


I Thank You (Who Is Reading This Book Right Now).


- To let people understand how I think and begin to think like me.

- To let people know that there is an organisation that has decided to money from anything at all that happens in the and they can join us.

- For News archiving purposes.

Note: This is not about not having a conscience and making money of off tragedies also. If you read carefully you would see that my suggestions and moves when it comes to tragedies aim to prevent future tragedies or at least decrease them but in a way that puts money in my pockets and yours.

Whether you like it or not there are those who are using these same events to create more evil, generate wealth and negatively alter events with their wealth to create more wealth.

I am training you to see how to use events to create wealth positively at all times and use your wealth to create more good, rather than evil.

If you can't see a way to profitably use an event to create a positive event, I preach that you should leave it alone. However, good students would see that there is always a way.

My organisation provides a joint pool for investors to take advantage of these events under the pioneer of "Turning Events Into Cashflow"; me (Pastor Alfred).

To find out more about the investment pool go www.PastorAlfred.com


Starbucks Arresting Two Black Men

According to the mainstream media, two black men where arrested for being black at a Starbucks and refusing to buy anything.

The story is they where there to meet someone and refused to buy anything. They where asked to leave over and over again by the manager but they refused.

The manager called the cops. The cops kicked out the two black men.

Someone recorded the whole thing.

It was posted on social media and it went viral.

The argument the mainstream media used to make it a racial thing and push forward their agenda was to say even though the manager was complying with company policy why didn't wasn't any White person who didn't pay also get asked to leave.


- Start a publicly Black Owned franchise to appeal to those who apparently feel that White Owned businesses are biased against them with or without proof.

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