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His brief career does not preclude Marco Simoncelli became the most phenomenal rider in the world of motorsport. 'Super Sic' always awaited in every appearance. His aggressive style is an exciting spectacle for fans, as well as a threat to his rivals. He is considered as the most attractive racer in the world, after Valentino Rossi. Unfortunately, Simoncelli got tragic fate, killed in a race at Sepang Circuit on 2011.

Marco Simoncelli

Since the teenager, Simoncelli is close to the Valentino Rossi family. Rossi's father, Graziano Rossi teaches Simoncelli to race. Once Graziano told Simoncelli, "You can never make two laps, because if you do it the police will come to make it sure."

Graziano statement due to the Simoncelli racing style tend to be 'rough', similar to Valentino Rossi who has known as a bad racer. He often crashes, accident and destroys vehicles. Simoncelli is like a 'young brother' for Valentino Rossi. His racing style seemed reckless.

Marco Simoncelli was born in Cattolica, Italy on January 20, 1987, but grew up and lived in Coriano with his family since childhood. His father Paolo is an ice cream maker, with his mother Rossella. He started to compete motosport since the 7 years old by rides a minibike in Coriano. Simoncelli then switched to the Italian Minimoto Championship in 1996 at nine. He won the championships in 1999 and 2000, and also runner-up at the 2000 European Minimoto Championships.

The following year, Simoncelli stepped in the 125cc Italian Championship and was a winner in his debut season. In 2002, he competed and won the 125cc European Championship. This positive result took him to jump higher, the motor racing world championship that he had been craving since childhood.

Marco Simoncelli is known quite close to Valentino Rossi, both inside and outside the circuit.

In August 2002, Simoncelli carved out his career history by making debut in the 125cc world championship. At that time, he appeared under the Matteoni Racing Team, replacing the Czech Republic rider Jaroslav Hules who climbed into the 250cc class. He joined in the middle of the season, which the 2002 season has stepped on the 10th series in the Czech Republic. Simoncelli rides Aprilia with number 37, finish at 27th position in his first race in Brno.

In the next race at Estoril, Portugal, he recorded his first point when finish at 13th position. However, he always failed to gain points in the next four series until he end the season by bagging three points in six races.

In 2003, Simoncelli continued his partnership with Matteoni Racing Team in a full season. In this season, he introduces an iconic number that always sticks to his bike that is 58. His talent as a great rider was rising, he always finish with points in the last six races, with the best finish at fourth position in Valencia. Overall, he scored 31 points and was ranked 21st in the rider standings.

In the 2004 season, Simoncelli moved to Rauch Bravo Team, but still use Aprilia motorcycle. In the second series at Jerez, Simoncelli listed his first pole in his career. Heavy rain flushed Jerez during the race. Racing began in wet conditions. At the forefront, apart from pole position Marco Simoncelli, there are Alvaro Bautista and Casey Stoner. Just one lap, Bautista who was lead the race fell, his position was taken over by Stoner. While Simoncelli scattered in the ninth position.

It looks like Stoner will lead the race until the ends, although behind him is overshadowed by German veteran racer Steve Jenkner, the local heroes Hector Barbera and the Italian Andrea Dovizioso. Simoncelli was able to get the stability of his bike and pushed in the front. Eventually the opportunity came, Stoner fell when the race leaves three rounds. Simoncelli also increasingly excited and pushing his bike to win the first victory in his career in the 125cc class.

Unfortunately, the victory at Jerez was the only of Simoncelli podium in this season. Throughout the season he only scored points in seven, other series with the best finish in sixth position. He finished the 2004 season in 11th place with 79 points.

Simoncelli joined to race in the 125cc class in the 2005 season under race Team. In the opening series at Jerez, he grabbed the pole and then won the race, the successive victory in two seasons at Jerez. Furthermore, Simoncelli's performance worsened and only won five podiums throughout the season. He only occupies the fifth in rider standings with 177 points.

In 2006 Simoncelli raced in 250cc, being the only rider in the top eight in the 125cc class. He joined the Metis Gilera Team, an Italian motorcycle manufacturer who come back in the middle class after a long absence. His first season, Simoncelli average finish in 7th to 10th position. The best position was the sixth in Shanghai. He struggled to snatch the title of "Rookie of the Year", unfortunately lost to Japanese racer Shuhei Aoyama. Simoncelli lost seven points from Aoyama and only ranked 10th in the final standings.

In 2007 Simoncelli still racing in the same class and team. His achievements are also not getting better, he again ranked 10th in the final standings, even without reaching the podium. His best achievement was the sixth at Assen, Netherland and Le Mans, France.

In the 2008 season, Simoncelli still joined the team Metis Gilera with Gilera RSA 250 motor. The signals of his resurrection began to appear, he had learned much from failures in previous seasons. Unfortunately, the two first series passed with the do not finish results. Technical constraints in Losail and collision in Jerez made it nil point. While in Jerez he crashed from behind Alvaro Bautista who suddenly slowed his bike on the last lap.

In the next series in Estoril, Simoncelli began to show off. He made his first pole position of the season. In the race session, Simoncelli must recognize the speed of Bautista and finish as runner-up. This is a promising step and shows he is getting stronger to compete for the title.

In the following series, Simoncelli continues to give battle to the riders in the front row, and reach the victory in the sixth series in Mugello, Italy. The nickname as a controversial rider attached to Simoncelli after this race. His first victory was accompanied by a controversy due to an incident with Spanish rider Hector Barbera.

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