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My Perspective

Jen Selinsky

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*Not every work included in this book is dated in chronological order.  This is not an oversight on my part. Rather, I have made changes and substitutions over the years.


PROMPT: How do you spend a lazy day?

I can literally spend an entire lazy day in bed – reading or completing word puzzles. The one bad thing I can think of, however, is that time too often goes by too quickly, especially if I have the misfortune of enjoying such a day on my last day of vacation.

Watching TV with my husband is also another thing that I like to do. We have many shows and movies, along with a great amount of resources. There’s nothing quite like enjoying the fruits of someone else’s labor.

Of course, I seem to be overlooking one very important thing. Sleep is one of my favorite activities, even though it does consume a lot of my day most of the time. That is the ultimate lazy day activity, despite the fact that my unconscious mind is still at work.


PROMPT: What did you do when I saw someone do something that is wrong?

There are times when I should have spoken up when someone was doing something wrong. I even helped a friend shoplift a pack of gum one time. She had me cover her so that no one would see her take it. I should have intervened and told her that I wasn’t going to do it. If I had extra money on me, I could have offered it to pay for it.

I felt bad about the whole thing, especially as I worried that we would get caught. After the dirty deed was finished, I felt really bad, and I wished that I never took part in it.

She never asked me to do anything like that again, much to my relief. I hope that she never went to such extreme measures as theft after that. And, though I can’t take it back, I feel sorry for my involvement in such a terrible and foolish act.


PROMPT: Describe your favorite work of art.

There are many works of art that I admire. One of them is Leonardo Da Vinci’s The Mona Lisa. While it seems like a simple portrait of a woman, there is a lot of speculation behind it. The popular theories about the portrait include that the woman is one of the following: Da Vinci’s mother, Da Vinci’s lover, or Da Vinci himself, as a woman. Those who speculate are still not sure about its true origins.

I also got to paint a reproduction of The Mona Lisa on the art room wall of the Seneca Valley Intermediate School. It was an enjoyable project, but my “work” didn’t get to stay long, as the wall was demolished shortly after. I did get a picture, and I still have the memory of something which I got to create—a famous piece by one of my favorite artists.


PROMPT: Create a diary written and dated ten years in the future.

July 16, 2027

Who would have thought that I’d still be writing by hand? It seems like I am always on my computer, either marketing my books or making social media page adjustments. But it’s a good thing that I’m on these sites because my popularity is growing, and people want to see my latest work. I just had to write and say how happy I am with how things are going. Sure, there are days when I feel discouragement gnawing at my soul, but these says seem fewer and farer in between. It’s really important that I keep on my path and continue with my work, now that I have established a fan base, and people are showing a continued interest in my work. I also hope to keep inspiring those who’ve just started out, as everyone needs encouragement. Keep on moving and improving!


PROMPT: Rename the city where you live a new name and reflect on its qualities.

I think I shall call the area Rural Avenue because it describes the sod farm which is behind our house. And while that might sound completely unoriginal, I feel that it’s an accurate description of this quiet country place which I am proud to call home!


PROMPT: Write about something that is completely worth it!

My marriage to my husband is one of the things which I cherish the most. The time that we spend together is precious, and I sometimes feel that it’s not enough. I knew almost the very first movement after we began talking on the phone that our relationship would be worth it because it’s one of substance. I’m glad that the Lord brought us together!


PROMPT: Interpret what the wind is saying.

Feel me as I move through the sky and brush myself against your skin; such relief is always wanted on a hot day. You cannot see me, but I sometimes move against gravity or assist it when something falls over from my force. But, fear me not, because I am here to provide comfort and help things move along. That’s what I do today.


PROMPT: Come up with a mathematical equation to express your beliefs.

God + meaning x purpose = true happiness. Though there are plenty of distractions here on this earth; He is the true reason why I live and breathe. You don’t need logic to prove His existence. Heavenly wisdom is the way to find the answers which you seek as you live the great purpose which is defined for you ever since before your birth.


PROMPT: Name a time you lied to yourself about something and why.

I constantly lie to myself by saying things along the lines that I am not good enough or smart enough to accomplish my goals. Yes, I don’t always have my work accepted by everyone, and I am not yet making a living doing what I love, but there is a plan. I know that the Lord designed me to succeed and that, alone, should put any and all my fears to rest.

Self depreciation never helps anyone and only gets in the way of what I was put on this earth to accomplish. The fact that I believe the lie doesn’t make it anything but that—a lie. That is why I must trust the Lord and allow myself to do His will and live my life to the fullest. Whatever works will continue to work in my favor if I keep on pushing forward.


PROMPT: What did you get most into trouble for as a child?

One of the worst things I did was forge my mother’s initials on a paper which for which I received a bad grade in 5th grade math. The teacher noticed it immediately, and I missed recess as a result. Looking back, I feel bad, but forgery is nothing to be taken lightly. I’m very glad that my teacher taught me that it is wrong!


PROMPT: Do you like to take risks or play is safe?

I prefer being safe in every aspect. Inhibitions are born from fear, but I prefer the calming presence of safety because it envelops me and lets me know that there is nothing to be afraid of. I do take safe risks, which sounds like an oxymoron—mostly concerning submitting my work to various publishers. In that respect, I feel that I must try to reach new heights with my books.


PROMPT: “I wish I had paid more attention when…”

I wish I had paid more attention during my math classes in high school and college. I had never made it past algebra, and I was horrible at the subject, but a better grade in math courses would have equaled an overall better GPA. Besides, now that I don’t have to learn math for any classes, I find myself fascinated with it in a way that I never was before.


PROMPT: List one thing you look forward to on a weekly basis.

Right now, I look most forward to the weekends, when I can be free from the burdens of my job. Soon, the weekends will expand into four days, which shall allow me more time so I can focus on advancing to the next stage of my life—my writing career. For now, I have to make the most of the little weekends so that I can prepare myself for the bigger ones!


PROMPT: How were you born to stand out and shine?

God has designed me for something great, and I cannot deny that I am here for a reason. I’d like to think that it has something to do with my writing, but time is still a great component in all of that. The fact that I’ve written over 170 books shows that I at least have persistence, and I suppose that it can also make me stand out because people are sometimes surprised when I tell them that number. Whether I am known for my writing while I am still alive, or it shall be after I depart this earth, is up to the Lord to decide. When I join in His company, nothing else should matter, and I shall have my true moment to shine. Until then, I shall settle into what I believe to be my niche. Perhaps another person might read this entry one day.


PROMPT: What is a stupid question people have asked your or one you have asked yourself?

One of the most stupid questions I get asked is, “Do you work here?” when I am clearly functioning in my occupation. But, to be fair, I’m sure I’ve asked that question myself. I also dress casually, which is why some people might not be to sure. Still, I must say that it’s a question which I never really want to hear.


PROMPT: Describe the last time you got lost.

The last time I got lost was when I went to Corydon before my writers’ group to see the Abraham Lincoln display. I wanted to write an article about the display for The Leader, especially since I originally saw it advertised in the paper. The sad thing was that I had the GPS on my phone, and I was within the area; that still didn’t help me get where I wanted to go. I’d also stopped and got directions, right after I realized that the exhibit was already closed for the day.


PROMPT: What do you enjoy in excess instead of moderation?

Unfortunately, junk food is what I tend to enjoy in excess. It’s extremely difficult because I like a lot of things which are not good for me. The fact that I am a very picky eater also doesn’t seem to help matters. There are probably lots of toddlers who ingest more types of foods than me! The advantage to being a picky eater is that I also don’t like a lot of junk foods, such as plain chocolate and soda.

I’ve cut down on my fast food consumption, but I still don’t like to cook. My sweet tooth can also be a bit of a problem because my brain likes the extra rush of dopamine, but I’ve cut down considerably on candy. Moderation seems all too elusive, but I must find it in order to live a healthier, and ultimately happier, life.


PROMPT: Write about something you’d like to realistically achieve during your lifetime.

Two things which I really want to accomplish include losing weight (hopefully without means of bariatric surgery) and to make a living writing. Sometimes, both these things seem like impossible goals due to lack of motivation, lack of sales, slight weight gain. It’s easy to somewhat dismiss the writing because it doesn’t have an impact on my physical health. The latter of the two is much more important because it’s not just for aesthetic reasons that I need to lose weight. I hope that my new endocrinologist will help me solve the problem and get back on a healthy path. As for the writing, I shouldn’t let lack of sales discourage me because I’ve already sold more books than when I first started writing, so I must admit that it’s a good start!


PROMPT: List some of your phobias. When and how did you find out that you had them?

Sadly, I have too many phobias to list. One of them includes the fear of flying. Another is a fear of elevators, which I seldom use; it’s good exercise to walk a few lights of stairs, anyway. I could list more, but I don’t have enough space to take up a large amount, which I would need to cover the fears that wrongfully have power over me.


PROMPT: Write the first line of your new children’s book.

I actually do write children’s books. One of my future titles is Caty the Coder. The first line might go something like, “Meet Caty. Caty is a coder.” One of my goals for this book is to inspire STEMs, especially for young girls. Of course, this is just one of my ideas, as I plan on writing and publishing many more children’s books.


PROMPT: If you had to choose, would you be an only child or a part of a large family?

If I had to choose, I would be an only child. Most of the time, it feels like one, even though I do have an older sister. I don’t think that I would not want a large amount of siblings; it would make me feel left out. But I wouldn’t want to be an only child; it’s good to have a sibling to interact with, even if you’re not very close. That way, it adds more to the family dynamic.


PROMPT: What would people find if they looked into your fridge right now?

The contents of the fridge basically include: a nearly full gallon of milk, a barely opened bottle of water, macaroni, broccoli, pomegranate juice, bacon, lunchmeats, along with some other things. I know that may seem a bit uninteresting and, in a way, it is. But, sometimes, such a thing can point out some valuable insight about a person. Not in my case, though.


PROMPT: Describe an experience you had which cannot be explained by logic.

I have, many times, and they are called miracles! A miracle is defined as something which cannot be explained by science. In other words, it’s divine intervention!

The great thing about miracles is that you don’t have to explain them because they are gifts from the Lord.

My first miracle occurred centuries before my birth, when the Lord Jesus gave His life for all of ours. That is the greatest miracle of all!

Other miracles include my sweet and loving parents, my loving husband, and all my terrific in-laws and friends. It’s such a blessing, indeed, that I have more blessings that I can count. So some of the things which logic fails to define are far more worth than their wright in the world.


PROMPT: Name one thing you need right now.

My body needs sweet and nourishing sleep because I have quite a few things do to tomorrow. Without sufficient rest, I would have a difficult time carrying out some of these tasks.

My mind is fighting to stay awake so that I may smear more ink across these pages. It almost seems like there is some sense of urgency—that I have to finish as much as I can before I close my eyes to be enveloped in my bed, far-drifting from the land of consciousness. But such a dream is fleeting, at least for the moment, because the mind cannot fight the body for too long when it comes to essential, physical needs. So now I must say adieu, until after my much-needed rest. I hope to return soon…


PROMPT: Describe the award you are receiving on stage right now.

I am receiving the lifetime achievement award for my writing. I have found an audience for each of my genres. The presenter is giving a brief account of my life and is talking about my struggle to achieve what I sought out to when I was young. It’s turning out to be a rewarding ceremony!


PROMPT: What modern piece of technology takes up most of your time?

A device I spend a large amount of time is my laptop. I should be using it to type my books, but the Internet distracts me, and I end up getting a lot less done than I set out to. While part of what I do on the site involves marketing, most of my time is spent looking at the Facebook pages of my friends. I need to get back to work.


PROMPT: Have you ever had to put a pet down?

Unfortunately, yes. In May 2001, the family cat, April, was suffering from kidney failure. It was mere days before my sister’s wedding, and our worst fear would be to find her dead on the morning of the wedding. Mom took April to our vet to have her euthanized. I remember pressing myself up against the glass of the passenger side of the car and crying. The tears continued for the rest of the day. I even started crying at the wedding when they mentioned our late, Great-Aunt Dorothy. That made me think of April again. And though she’s been gone for over fifteen years, April will always have a place in my heart!


PROMPT: Have you ever lived in any other country beside your homeland and would you want to?

I’ve never had a technical residence outside my country of birth, though, technically, I lived in Canada, even though it was only for a weekend in Niagara Falls. I did notice a few cultural differences, one of them being that you can legally enter a casino at the age of nineteen.

However, it’s been a dream of mine to visit England, even if it’s only for two weeks.

Holding me back are aspects such as time and expenses, but that might not be the case one day. My husband is an Anglophile as well, and he certainly wouldn’t mind taking the trip with me.

I also wouldn’t mind going to Ireland, Australia, Scotland, as well as back to Canada. Those countries, in a way, are like England, so those would be good choices as well.


PROMPT: Name the first thing you do every morning and why.

The first thing I like do to every morning is pray to God and thank Him for another day of life. To me, this is very important because none of us are guaranteed tomorrow. Each new day presents many possibilities, and I do not want to be remiss in being thankful for all which I can achieve given any certain day. That’s the least I can do for the God Whose done so much for me!


PROMPT: What is something you purchased used?

In 2002, I purchased a used 1998 Chevy Cavalier. It was purple—one of my favorite colors. Even though the vehicle was used, it seldom gave me any trouble, and I was able to pay for it with cash. I had the car until 2007, when I traded it for my brand new Chevy Cobalt. I still miss the Cavalier, especially since it was the fist car I ever owned.


PROMPT: Describe what color you feel like today.

I am both happy and nervous at the same time. I have an author event at the Jeffersonville Public Library, as well as a trip to Pennsylvania to visit my parents. The program will be later this afternoon, and that is why I’m a bit nervous—because I have to speak in front of an audience. I was also happy to see my notice published in The Leader.


PROMPT: If you were a teacher, what would you teach?

I would teach classes in creative writing and poetry—since that includes the majority of my work. It is a good feeling to help others, especially those who are interested in writing and eventually publishing their material. Some authors that I know also have or had teaching jobs. In a way, I would be a mentor.


PROMPT: Write about something that changed your life.

I was early September 2016, and I opened an e-mail from Debi, whom I wanted to be my publisher. I had submitted six children’s books, and I hoped that at least one of them was suitable for publications. Once I began reading the contents of the message, and my heart nearly leaped out of my chest; she wanted to publish all six of the books which I had submitted! I was so excited that I didn’t know what to do. I took one of my restroom breaks to call both Mom and Travis. This was something which I had been wanting for years, and I never would have thought it could have happened. I went from being self-published to having a new publisher within a matter of seconds, and it was all thanks to the Lord and His blessings! I’m glad that I stuck around to accomplish such a feat!


PROMPT: Describe a souvenir someone bought or gave you.

Even though I’m no longer a sports fan, one of the most interesting souvenirs I still have is a used Boston Bruins hockey helmet. One of my exes gave it to me shortly before we started dating. I don’t know where, when, or even how he acquired it, but I was a glad recipient, nonetheless. I still have the item in my possession today, and I often wonder about who used the helmet and how often!


PROMPT: Name something that really stresses you out.

Finances are one of my biggest triggers for stress. I’m constantly thinking about ways to get money for our savings account so that we might get one step closer to retirement. I know that money is the root of all evil, but everyone needs it in order to survive in this world. I need to keep my mind occupied, however, so that I don’t think about it as much.


PROMPT: Write about your latest source of inspiration.

Someone donated some books to the library where I work, and one of them was a book about US presidents, published by the Washington Sun. My mind was flooded with sentimentality when I saw that the facts came from the Mini Pages. Every time when I visited my grandparents in Silver Spring, Maryland as a child, they would save that section for me. I wasn’t much of a reader back then, but I enjoyed the columns and activities. That is one of my fond childhood memories that I can hold onto, especially since both my grandparents are now with God. I’m contemplating sending a letter to the editor of the paper and telling him or her about how I enjoyed the Mini Pages as a child, and what fond memories they hold for me. I hope that my words reach them.


PROMPT: “I wish my alarm would notify me whenever…”

I wish my alarm would notify me whenever I sell a book, I know that sounds completely capitalistic, but it is a big boost to my morale. It makes me feel that I have not wasted my time in writing, editing, and marketing my material. I do, however, receive e-mail notifications from Smashwords whenever I make a sale, so I guess that does count.


PROMPT: Write something about from which you are recovering.

I am in the process of recovering from excess visceral fat. If I keep moving in the right direction, I will have a lean waistline and will be more healthy and mobile as a result. This has been my goal for years, but I am finally doing something about it. This time, fighting back bad genes will be much more fun and effective!


PROMPT: What would you buy if it costs twice as much today?

I can’t think of much that I want to purchase, as I’m trying to get rid of things from our house, but I suppose that I will throw in references to my favorite band, Genesis. I wouldn’t mind purchasing a few more books, albums and, perhaps, other items relating to them. The same goes for the original Genesis, as I am also a fan of their one and only album.


PROMPT: Name something important that kids should learn in school today.

Life skills. They didn’t teach those very often when I was in school, and I’m not sure if they teach very many now. It seems like both parents and schools are shoving the pressure to succeed down every Millennial’s throat, and they are forgetting the importance of the basics. Essential skills such as cooking, budgeting, and cleaning/maintenance are important things which adults should know how to do.


PROMPT: Write about one of your favorite vacations.

One road trip which I really enjoyed was when my parents took Barbara and me to Niagara Falls in 1997. It was the summer after I completed high school. Though I didn’t notice much of a culture shock at first, things were a little different when we got to the hotel. I marveled at the Canadian currency and found it interesting that they didn’t have one or two dollar bills. I also noticed that there were people from all over staying at the hotel, as Niagara Falls is a big tourist destination. Mom and Dad also managed to sneak me into a casino. The legal gambling age is nineteen, but I suppose I looked old enough to pass, even though I still was a shy a few months. Unless I obtain a passport and get over my fear of travel, then I don’t see myself going out of the country anytime soon.


PROMPT: Something is falling from the sky, but it’s not snow. What is it?

Leaflets of poetry are falling from the skies. They are light so they cannot do any damage, and they are delighted because people can read their contents. Some of them are reproductions of my work, and others are a healthy representation from all those around the world. Those in the vicinity of the precipitation can now enjoy the free-flowing works without any adverse effects!


PROMPT: Name something great that you’ve accomplished this year.

I’ve come a leaps and bounds pertaining to my writing. The list includes: letters to local editors, multiple author programs, a foreign publication, setting up my own YouTube channel, administering a Facebook group I took over for a friend, and now being selected as a staff writer for my publisher’s magazine. I hope to accomplish even more for the latter part of this year and all those following!


PROMPT: Do you have a tattoo? If so, describe it. If not, would you ever get one?

When I was a teenager, I would occasionally wear temporary tattoos on my ankle. I know that it seems juvenile, but I suppose I thought it looked cool at the time.

I certainly do not want to get any tattoos. They are not my things, as they seem a little tacky, unsanitary, and costly. I don’t want something to reside underneath my skin for the rest of my life, and eventually having a removal would be just as foolish as getting a tattoo in the first place!

But this is one of those things which I say to each his/her own. If someone wants colored ink to represent something of significance on their body, then that is their decision. I am speaking merely for myself regarding this particular form of self-expression. Others do not have to agree.


PROMPT: Write about something you often forget.

I try to remember as much as possible, but there are times when I forget things as well. Relatively recently, I forgot to return a friend’s chapter which I had proofread. I thought I had it in my bag, but I left it on the dresser in our bedroom. Luckily, I was able to bring it back to her the next day, but I felt bad that I’d forgotten to give it to her earlier.


PROMPT: Describe something odd currently in your wallet or purse.

I don’t know if this counts as an odd item, but I have a USB Flash drive in my purse. Some of my bookmarks and business card designs are on there. This way, I can go to an office store and have them printed for upcoming events without having to worry about the files not being accessible anywhere near me. So I think it’s important rather than odd.


PROMPT: Write a short, sad love story.

I enlisted the help of two friends to go with me on a road trip; we are going to win back the love of a woman I used to date. Time is now of the essence, as we have to beat the other man to the punch, but I have the head start.

As soon as I got to the meeting spot, she started to give me the third degree; I couldn’t get a word in edgewise.

Some other guy practically broke through the door and started talking all the romantic nonsense, of which I didn’t even know someone like him was capable.

Slowly, her face started to shift its expression, and she got enveloped in the fold of his arms after he presented his ring. There was no denying it; it was over for me.


PROMPT: What makes a person successful vs. unsuccessful?

Some people are successful because they, apply themselves every day. Others feel that they do not have the skill for the opportunity. Faith in God is paramount, as He is the key to everyone’s success! Even though someone can have a support system, hard work and dedication are essential. One also needs the ability to persevere through rejection to make it to acceptance.


PROMPT: Write something from the point of view of an object in your room.

Despite my age, I seem to be working well. My owners patched me up to keep me moving. I may not look like I am brand new, but my usefulness is still appreciated. The current occupant of this room is glad that I am here as the cool air I provide whips through her face and hair. She is cool and content because of me.


PROMPT: Write about a campfire memory.

When I think about campfires, I recall the time I was a girl scout. From second through sixth grade, I joined two different troops; both opened up new experiences for me.

There were badges, community service projects, meetings, outings, and so many other things which we did together.

There were also many campfires by which we sang, talked, and toasted marshmallows. One time, we were at a fire by our lodge, and were singing silly songs. The troop leader’s daughter seemed a little embarrassed, but I was getting into it by changing a few of the words and being my goofy self. Even though some of the other girls in the troop might have thought me weird, I didn’t let such a thing get in the way of my fun.


PROMPT: What is a memory you would like to erase?

There are lots of memories which I would like to erase—memories of me doing bad things. But, sometimes, people must remember something unpleasant in order to avoid doing something similar to that again.

Yes, I must acknowledge that we are all sinners, so I have no right to judge any man. Sin contains much more than mere earthly rules, so that makes much more than I could even take back. And since I must remember most of the terrible things that I’ve done, there is nothing which can randomly be erased from my mind.

The best thing would be to stop such actions so that I do not create more memories which I would like to forget. And even though it’s not possible for me to stop sinning, doing what is right will bring me closer to the Lord!


PROMPT: Write about a traffic sign or signal which best represents your life right now.

A lot of traffic signs say things like, “Stop,” or “Yield.” I would like to read mine as “Go,” because I feel my life moving in many different directions, all which lead to success. I’m doing so because, otherwise, all my progress will come to naught. My determination to move ahead is greater than any discouraging thoughts which I might have.


PROMPT: Write about the role you would keep if you had to give all but one up.

My most important roles are daughter to both my Lord and parents, wife to my husband, sister, family member, and friend. I would hate to give up any of those roles, but it I had to choose only one to keep, it would be daughter to the Lord. He knew me before I was even a glint in my parent’s eyes, and His love is the only love which will never fail!


PROMPT: Write about something that you do, even when you don’t feel like it.

There are times when I force myself to exercise, even though I don’t feel like doing anything. It’s important for people to move their bodies so that a sedentary lifestyle does not become them. Quite honestly, the primary reason I make myself exercise is so that I might lose weight and build muscle. The older I get, the more crucial exercise is.


PROMPT: What’s the most important question in life?

The most important question in life is to ask yourself, or someone else, if you accept God. It should be every person’s ultimate goal—to spend eternity with Him. Jesus came to teach us how to love and to show God’s love for us. We need to make our personal relationships with Him work in order to ensure life’s most important question.


PROMPT: Describe how you are strong.

I’d like to feel that I have some physical strength. Even if that’s an area which still need to be improved. Plenty of exercise can help that tremendously. I also know that the Lord gives me strength in certain situations during which I just want to hide and retreat into myself. I also need to remain strong for Travis’s sake so that I can be the wife God created me to be. There are times when I have to talk sense into Travis and gently encourage him to keep doing what he’s doing. Since he’s lived a very sheltered life, it is up to me to take care of many things in our marriage, and that requires a lot of courage sometimes. But, because of him and my wonderful family, my strength of faith in the Lord has increased, and there’s nothing more important than that!

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