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First of all I would like to thank to my team members. Without their support it would not be possible for me to handle all things in one hand. They are very much supportive and active to their work. Moreover, they are passionate at their work.

Technoledge is an E-Magazine based on start up stories, interviews of entrepreneurs, advertisement, business promotion and other many things related to business. This is the first edition of this magazine. On behalf of Team Technoledge, I would like to thank to those entrepreneurs and start-ups that have come forward to feature their stories and interviews by believing us and our services. The term “Technoledge” is a combination of ‘Technology’ and ‘Knowledge’. These two are interrelated with each other. We are welcoming all start-ups and entrepreneurs to join in this noble journey and be a part of our family. Our journey is started now and miles to go. Hope it will be able to fulfil reader’s satisfaction.

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Sourabh Bindlish Deepanshi Tiwari

This is the story of these two strangers. They met each other through social media. Now they are running their own start up.

As every person, Sourabh and Deepanshi both had a dream to do a better job in a company according to their interests. They both are from the different cities where Sourabh (Delhi) is from B.Tech and Deepanshi (Agra) is from B.Com graduate background.

After completing graduation, they joined the digital marketing course in their respective cities. They worked hard and completed their courses. While running through those courses they learnt so many lessons regarding digital marketing.

After completing the digital marketing course, Deepanshi started doing Internship in 2 companies, - the 1st one was a software company Futureheadhead Technologies as a Digital media manager and the 2nd one was Orenda Groups as a Business Development Manager. On the other hand, Sourabh started working in internet moguls as an SEO trainee.

Sourabh became a freelancer and Deepanshi started finding a new part-time job for herself as a freelancer.

How They Meet and decide to start their own Business:

They found each other on LinkedIn and after the conversation, they started working together. After 1 month they both understood that they had a really good understanding and they both had the same interest. That’s why they decided to start their own venture together on 7th November 2017 and it was named Ilkway Digital Company.

Sourabh Bindlish who is 24 year old is the founder of IDC and Deepanshi Tiwari who is just 22 years old is the co-founder of IDC.

They both have passion and dedication about their start-up.

They are providing the services of SEO, SEM, PPC, Digital Marketing and Web Development. And they have collaboration with other people who are not providing these services.

Their main motive is to give their best digital marketing services in India and outside India too. There are many companies who are working in this field since so many years. That’s why they have started to find new techniques to make client’s requirements fulfil very comfortably. They pay so many efforts in their works. They are making videos related to digital marketing services and sharing on social media because they want people to know about their company in a better way.

Why customers love them?


  1. Their main motive is customer satisfaction.

  2. Trending and reliable tools are used by them for best results.

  1. Planned work structure.

  2. Problem-solving skills.



As we all know 21st Century is an era of service industry. Various new service based companies have started operating in recent years. Entrepreneurs are coming up with new and bold ideas constantly in order to provide daily-need based services to customers. These kinds of ideas are of great help and significance in the lives of an entire society, locality and cities or at times an entire nation when such ideas get good response from their customers.

Just imagine you are on a holiday and make a plan with your family and friends to go on a drive or vacation in your car. Suddenly you realize that your local-car cleaning guy hasn’t turned up and your car is unclean. So now…. What to Do? You either take your

car to a car washing centre or try and find someone who can do it for you at your premises. In both cases the hassles are unavoidable. This problem of yours now can be fully solved getting your car cleaned AT YOUR DOORSTEP that too within 15 minutes on a daily basis. And hence, your search for hiring a local guy to clean car on daily basis ends here!

Looking at these problems, Devang Raja started India’s first professional daily car cleaning company – ‘Kar Kleaners’ in 2016. Devang Raja gave up his corporate job and came up with a mission to resolve an unorganized highly-neglected industry into a sophisticated and organized one. The company conducted a basic research in Mumbai and found out that 73% of cars owners aren’t happy in the manner with which their cars were cleaned on a routine-basis. Their survey finally found the problem that most

of the car-owners hired their local servants to clean the cars. A random guy comes daily and washes car with a bucket of water which he has already used for washing earlier cars prior to yours. This eventually became the prime reason for them to spend more towards maintenance and car servicing finally leading to a burden of expenditure.

Mumbai – city that which never sleeps, and the mode of transportation never gets to a standstill. Kar Kleaners saw that people are now utilising various cabs and auto- rental services like Ola and Uber are focusing on rating system for vehicle cleanliness. A large section of private vehicle owners are also very particular and possessive about their cars and need someone to take care of their car cleaning on daily basis. There are 3 Million such vehicles in Mumbai that serves as a good base and opportunity to Kar Kleaners encouraging them do something noteworthy in this field.

Slowly and steadily the Kar Kleaners started creating awareness about professional daily car cleaning in Mumbai. Various magazines and websites have written about the company. As awareness is increasing Kar Kleaners have now started receiving overwhelming and unexpected response from people residing in several Apartments, Plush towers, Housing Societies, Private Tourist Vehicle owners, etc. to get the cars cleaned from them.

Dry wash, sprinkle wash, water wash and other modern car cleaning techniques adopted by the company have helped them provide better quality results and enable them to constantly deliver value for money for their customers. Along with daily car cleaning, Kar Kleaners also provide various value-added services like Kar Spa- which includes a Full-Interior Deep clean of the Car Accessories and Equipment. Apart from that they also facilitate buying and selling of cars – Kar Deals and all RTO Related Services. Kar Kleaners also plan to expand into car care products under their existing brand name soon.

At KARKLEANERS they have come-up with a concept of ‘One Litre per Car’ water usage thereby eliminating water wastage. All products used by us are Car and Environment friendly as a part of our Corporate-Social Responsibility.

The Company’s value system of ‘Zero Ego Company’ and ‘One Designation Company’ has helped them to work better as a team and set the right culture across the organization.

Started with washing 2 cars in 2016, today Kar Kleaners are operating in Borivali, Kandivali and Lower Parel. They are coming with franchisees at Ghatkopar and Chembur soon. Company is now expanding by the way of franchising across India.

Currently they are providing franchise at 50% off amount for Mumbai region as the company wants more entrepreneurs from Mumbai to join them and start their own business at a very reasonable investment of Rs 50,000/- . For more information regarding franchisee, you can contact Devang Raja on 9820166033.

Contact Information:­

Devang Raja


Website: www.karkleaners.in

Like us at: https://www.facebook.com/DailyKarKleaners/



Name of the product/service/company: Legal Salah

Date/Year of launch: 26/Nov/2015

Cities/Areas of operation: Kolkata, (head office) Delhi, Jammu and Kashmir, Bangalore

Address: 804/2 Kalikapur road Kolkata 700099

Name of the founder(s): Subh Jha, Abhinit Singh, Sujit Jha, Tausif Warsi

Website/Social Links: www.legalsalah.com

Founders Details

Subh jha ( CS LLB) CEO

Sujit jha (ADVOCATE ) COO

Abhinit singh , MD ( CA)


Motivation behind launching the online legal advice:

The idea of legal Salah seeded back in 2014 but come into operation on 26 Nov 2015. In India, there is lag in transparent pricing of legal and taxation matters dealt in India through various professionals. Hence, Legal Salah is providing platform where all legal and taxation work can be simple and accessible to all individuals in India. We have started with 200 sq. ft. with only 4 people and now we have team of 15+ core members along with more than 2500+ registered professionals with us that enable us to cater 150+ cities of India with physical offices in Kolkata, Delhi, Patna, Jammu & Kashmir and Dhanbad. The key for success is persistence and patience for any start up. Short term goals are equally important with long-term goals. Most importantly respect your team members because of them your company has brand not because of any single individual.

About Legal Salah:

We provide one stop solutions for all legal, tax, compliance and business loan to start up and SMES under one roof without putting them into hassle. We also strive hard to provide free guidance to start up and SMES while setting up their business.

In which way we are different from other existing legal tech start-ups:

We have very transparent pricing for all our services and we have prepaid service based model.

How were the first 90 days journey:

This idea of LEGAL SALAH did undergo through lots of improvisation though. We had our share of bumpy rides. We didn't have any external funding. With each and every paisa coming from our own pockets and some physical infrastructures even from our own it was difficult to sustain in initial days and equally difficult to maintain faith in what we were doing But with our Group of young, inexperienced minds but zealous and passion driven and achievers' spirit we continue to pursue our dream. We have started 2500sqt office with 3 people now we are 15+ core team Member with 2500+ registered professional on board . In past two years we have served more 15000 clients all over India and some of reputed brands like Sulekha , Fuziflim , Duckback , Unitdeals , Clear dry associated with us.

The present scenario?

This market in 4.2 billion in India and GST market in India going to be more than 1 billion and even there are competitors like India filings and vakilsearch still market is so huge that 10 more competitors can survive in the market..

Plans to scale up the growth of Legal Salah?

We have served more than 3500+ start-ups and SMEs. Soon, we are going to launch another cloud based tax portal for Easy filing of income tax and other taxes.

LEGAL SALAH is self-sustain bootstrapped and not funded by any Angel Investors and Venture Capitalists. LEGAL SALAH SOLUTION PRIVATE LIMITED is growing revenue 20% month to month basis.



I am Sathish, CEO of SalemMango born in a remote village named Mottandipalayam in Salem district which has no newspaper or Cable facility till date, in an Agricultural family.

I started my schooling in Sri Amman Matriculation School, the only school in our village and finally graduated in Adhiyaman College. As you all expected, I completed the same B.E and was a VIP (Velai Illa Pattadari)

After completed B.E, I was selected in an IT company and was thrown out in Six months due to recession. Then after frustrated with trying Bank exams and Govt. jobs, I planned to take care of our family business (Agriculture). While explaining my decision to my school friend (Dinesh Kumar), he encouraged and supported me. He was a Software Engineer and specialist in IT domain. One fine evening in a random talk, I asked him why we can’t send our farm mangoes online to city people where there is lot of adulterants and carbide mangoes. He said yes. That's it :)

The idea was discussed on May 2016. And after studying the feasibility, we started developing our website and managed to complete on October 2016. We officially launched the website on Nov 2016 mango season.

SalemMango was started along with two of my old school friends Dinesh Kumar & Sangeeth. They both are from Agricultural background, mango farm owners and worked in IT companies.

I can say we three along with every farmer in our village are a part of our team. Producing the fruits, food items to packing and shipping is done by every one of us and the profit is shared amongst us.

Initially it was started with only mangoes and due to demand from our customers

who want every agricultural produce to be shipped to their place, we expanded to other food items like Ghee, Country sugar, Jiggery, Honey etc.

Future planning about company

Our plan is to connect the people in city who longs for natural and quality food, to farmers who produce quality foods in traditional way with better price. We are happy to serve you traditional foods to everyone. But unfortunately people in City won't have time to think about villages like us. So we are sending you the healthy and organic ingredients to cook healthy food which everyone deserves.

Problems faced

Despite of having quality foods in our hands, initially we faced a lot of problems technical-wise, transportation, marketing. Believe it or not, I just started using smart phone 8 months before. A high speed 3G internet connection is still a day dream for me in my village.

Mentor or investment details if any ?

My school friends and college friends are a great support for me till date and managed to get lot of ideas from them.



Ms. Urvi

Where are you from? How did the idea for your business come about?

Did you get family support?

I am From Gujarat, Vadodara Town.

The idea for business was probably there all the while. I have worked in creative field for almost over a decade and I have seen both sides of business where how the artisans put their efforts to get the exposure to the people who really appreciate the art and are willing to even pay for it. On other side there is huge chunk of people who don't want status quo and want to own exclusive articles, but they do not get right place where they can buy the original art. Also products purchased in a place like exhibition is only one time opportunity for both the artist and art lover to interact also post transaction for care and service delivery there is no method further . That's where an idea of art exclusive, and not only art exclusive, creative and innovation exclusive arise in my mind. And that's where we " Krerum" was Carved - which is combination of two words, Kriya and Rerum , meaning " To do things Creatively " .

Family always stood by me , of course coming from a middle class, trying to put all savings in one venture , I was scared but than this calling never stopped, finally with support from the family and friends, we could take the first step.

How do you find people to bring into your organization that truly care about the organization the way you do?

We use this line in our communications “Creativity is contagious, pass it on”. Well our very human nature is to be creative and innovative, like they say ' necessity is a mother of invention '. We often stumble upon people who are like minded, creative at nature and heart and want to somehow do things for people who are at the bottom of the chain. Also the city we are head quartered in, is essentially an alma mater to many artists, so we often get excited young blood to work with us.

What is your motive after starting a business like this?

The Motive is very simple, today every individual wants an identity, to be known for him or herself, own style own agenda own possibilities. We want to help these individuals to choose for themselves, not buying or wearing things from flood of discount. And while they are creating their own identity by purchasing from Krerum . They are also doing their part to artisan’s community and also to environment by using eco-friendly articles.

What do you think about today’s market that now a day there is going on a very much competition?

Competition is there, but competition is a key for innovation. For us to survive we will have to do better and Team at Krerum is very much geared up for innovation. But Honesty and transparency to customers is also equally important. I myself have faced getting understudy, low quality and often products which are different from description. We treat every single order with great care. I think that is what would help. Our clients would know us for the quality of the service.

Was it your childhood’s dream to become an entrepreneur?

Wasn't it yours too? We are in Gujarat and it's not only Gujarat, I think all of us somewhere have that desire to create something that remains in the world as our identity. I firmly believe that every one of us brave enough to peruse what they want but they give into circumstances.

What kind of position you want to achieve being an entrepreneur?

As I just answered , everyone is brave ,today with the support of circumstances, I could take the first step, in case , I am able to make it big, my platform is all about supporting the bravery of other people who wants to be entrepreneurs.

Also being a woman entrepreneur, I very well understand the difficulty of tasks, when you try to manage both social and professional side of your life.

How is your company going to serve for the betterment of society?

I am sorry to say that but with urbanization the rural art is becoming extinct. Most of the things are ready to use, ready to cook, and I know how much effort is being made by our government to cultivate and support the art. I am trying with my company, this art will not remain only thing that you see on cultural festival days and because they are not in showroom, as a buyer your worry of quality and service will also be taken care.

Krerum also has immediate second stage plans but first things first.

How do you control your team members?

We give them wings. We are a bootstrapped start-up and everyone does everything. In this scenario, there is no control, its pace, being quick and bring results.

What is ‘Success’ according to you?

To be honest " Success " is a very measurable term when you quantify it , yes so as far as "Krerum " is concerned, we have certain measures by means of number of products , artisans on board and transactions etc. If achieved we will call us successful. But in long run for us success would be seeing happy families, whose life gets touched by our products both art lovers and the artisans.

Which is the best way to develop your company’s progress:-1) competing against others or 2) not competing against others? Please explain it.

Everyone starts their journey at some point and again the social, environmental and financial surroundings are very unique and different from one another. So if you really compete, I am not sure how much you will be able to gain. Also there is quite a possibility that you may end up being me too product. What is required is learning and adapting from competition, not reinventing the wheel but adding your forces to quick run the race.

Do you believe in luck? If yes please elaborate it.

"Luck"- I don't believe in Luck but I believe in something called “Relative Luck” - more like the theory of relativity. If between two of us, I have a bad luck and you have a good luck, and if we are going ahead, only good would happen.

Is it right that entrepreneurs mean only work for yourselves and for money as money brings everything to you? Please let me know your view.

No, Job is only work for yourself and your family. Entrepreneurs yes in long run do get dividends if they become successful but all of them always take care of their associates, employees, buyers and vendors all together.

Any interesting thing/story that makes your life better.

As we have just started and we have garnered countable orders, the satisfaction of providing people for their skills is immense. Having done a job for over a decade has not brought me so much happiness as this has brought.

Do you have any plan to open another types of business rather than it?

Currently we are a bootstrapped start-up and as I mentioned before we have good growth plans as well. We're in talks with investors who have liked our work, so unless we full fill this, it's time to do something else yet.

Do you have any message for the young start-ups?

We ourselves are a young start-up, so I don't consider myself worthy of giving any advice but I would say “I am really excited to be part of start-up community and let's do it together.

  • .

Being an entrepreneur how do you realize your life is something different from others?

No, it's really not so different apart from the extra hours that I have to put up to complete the task at the same time taking care of my kid. But I assume every woman does that. We women are born entrepreneurs, being housewife or a working woman or a start-up founder, certain skills are always there in us to make it big.



Ms. Niveditha Jayaraj

Snacksbazzar , is a 4 year old start up and we serve traditional Indian Sweets , Snacks , Millet food , Pickles , Instant Healthy food varieties, Healthy Nuts , we have almost 400 products and we supply worldwide , our motto is to give the best quality of our native food and to make our Indian food to be available everywhere in the world.

Where are you from? How did the idea for your business come about?

Did you get family support?

Hi! I’m from Coimbatore , Tamilnadu , this is a district of Entrepreneurs or self-employed people so automatically from my childhood I got a wish to become an Entrepreneur and the idea of my business Snacksbazzar came to make our native foods go globally and to serve our traditional food to all , my family is the backbone for me all the time.

How do you find people to bring into your organization that truly care about the organization the way you do?

We bring in people who are more passionate and dedicated to their work we don't mind about their education status or experience status but on their personal passion to grow big and the need for the right place come with us.

What is your motive after starting a business like this? _

My motive is to sell good food which people from elite class to lower class can enjoy eating and to make our Indian foods a global brand and can be reached anywhere in the world.

What do you think about today’s market that now a day there is going on a very much competition?

Today's market is giving space for many people , i see it as a positive note because people will be aware of more good food and they can choose the best with that knowledge , i personally wish all the people coming into business should standstill at least for 3 years in the market.

Was it your childhood’s dream to become an entrepreneur?

Yes from my childhood i dreamt of being an Entrepreneur not of being a salaried worker, i thrive to get my own IDENTITY.

What kind of position you want to achieve being an entrepreneur?

I want to be Social changer, I want to give a positive impact in my future generation mind to become a person of the dreams, and i need to be an inspiration to women in our country to come out and give their best.

How is your company going to serve for the betterment of society?

We always look to give zero food wastage and we work with people from lower economic standard, we bring out their products to the society and create a valuable income and improve their standard of living.

How do you control your team members?

We work as a family, we give a feel to each other that this is their own space and they are the king/queen to manage things here, so in the way they become more responsible and work for the betterment.

What is ‘Success’ according to you?

Success according to me is to create a brand name which will be in the hearts of people around the globe for hundred years and more.

Which is the best way to develop your company’s progress:-1) competing against others or 2) not competing against others? Please explain it.

Competing with others in the way to give best service and best product quality than my competitor offer,

And not competing with others too in the way that i don't copy the strategy of others and i give my own things to satisfy my customers.

Do you believe in luck? If yes please elaborate it.

Luck works in many cases even though we put all our might in some cases we need at least 1% of luck to get the work approved and acclaimed by others.

Is it right that entrepreneurs mean only work for yourselves and for money as money brings everything to you? Please let me know your view.

No it’s not right , to say everyone works for money not only entrepreneurs work for money every person works to earn money , but being an Entrepreneur we create income opportunities for many people around us and make others also to earn money and Entrepreneurs develop the society around us in all means

Any interesting thing/story after starting such kind of business that makes your life better.

When i interact with a person who is from a very farther place from my city knows me very well because of my business and they recognize me well , this make me feel the best thing i got in my life.

Do you have any plan to open another types of business rather than it?

I work on software and security data development and provide legal assistance for free to many rural area people.

Do you have any message for the young start-ups?

Only one thing young start-ups keep in mind , you face success , you face low, you face many difficulties and Happiness whatever happens don't take anything to your head , learn from every little thing and never ever give up , be strong on going forward , to see success you to go forward and not to give up.

Being an entrepreneur how do you realize your life is something different from others?

We create things , We develop things , We serve people , we Make people happy , we live for other people satisfaction and we create new life for many people and this is the one word makes me very proud of myself is " I'm an Entrepreneur."


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