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Joe Bonanno’s Sons

Convicted of Extortion

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On Friday, December 17, 1971 two sons of New York mob boss Joseph Charles Joe Bananas Bonanno Sr. (1905-2002) were convicted in a San Jose, California courtroom. Salvatore Bill Bonanno (1932-2008), 38, and his younger brother Joseph Bonanno Jr.(1945-2005), 26, were found guilty of extortion and conspiracy. Bill was convicted on one count of extortion and one of conspiracy. He faced a maximum sentence of fifteen years in prison. Bill Bonanno was acquitted on four other conspiracy charges.

Joseph Bonanno Sr. was a Sicilian immigrant and the boss of one of New York’s notorious crime families. The Bonanno family participated in numerous illegal businesses involving gambling, loan sharking and extortion. Although his formal education was sparse Joe Sr. proved a capable leader. During his lifetime he experienced gang violence, police surveillance, subpoenas, government prosecutions and the treachery of friends.

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