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Four Unsolved Mafia Hits


Chicago, Boston, Tampa and Kansas City

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Chicago beer distributor Joseph F. Bronge (1905-1959), 53, was ambushed and murdered in a suburban beer warehouse. The businessman’s slaying was attributed to his active resistance against syndicate encroachment on his beer company.

On November 12, 1959 Boston rackets enforcer Joseph Angie De Marco, 42, was found dead in a suburban Everett, Massachusetts dump. De Marco was a collector for prominent gamblers.

In March 199 affluent produce dealer Bennie Lazzara, 51, of Tampa, Florida, was gunned down by a shotgun. Police believed Lazzara’s murder was a case of mistaken identity. Authorities surmised that the hit was the work of a hired assassin who literally killed the wrong man.

On December 15, 1959 a blast from a 12-gauge shotgun felled gang member Melvin Lawrence Meinsen of Kansas City. Meinsen, 33, was shot dead outside his home. He had a police record in eleven states.

On Sunday, July 19, 1959 two gunmen shot and killed Joseph Bronge on a suburban Melrose Park, Illinois sidewalk. As the beer distributor attempted to flee another gunman hit him with a second gunshot. Critically wounded, Bronge was taken to a hospital with at least four bullet wounds in his head. The gunmen had blackened their faces with burnt cork to disguise themselves as black persons.

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