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M. M. Siassi

Copyright 2018 by M. M. Siassi


To Mom and Dad, thanks for all you did and sacrificed to make your children who they are.


Dad; the best father, husband, and provider. He was tough, educated and always learning. A family man through and through.

This is a compilation of my father’s thoughts over a period of 28 years, pages of end of day thoughts and retrospectives.

He kept this diary very private. Just an everyday yellow spiral notebook, we discovered the diary after his death as I am sure he wanted us to. He made a real effort to make his usually illegible handwriting legible, leading me to believe that he expected us all to read it someday and come to know him better.

I learned more about my dad by reading this notebook than from knowing him most of my life. Although I grew up in a large, very opinionated family, allowed to voice my views and take part in rousing family discussions, there are thoughts here that my father kept to himself. For all of my brothers and sisters, it is a window into my father’s feelings about us, relatives, my mother and their friends. He also shares feelings and thoughts about events and the times. One may not always agree with his views or opinions, but he did ponder and think about things. His views also define him as a product of his generation..

Reading it makes me both laugh and, sometimes, cry. It is such an insight into a man that I knew, loved and respected as a person, not just my father.

He was the best husband and dad, a loyal and true friend.


This book is dedicated to everyone whom my father touched in some way. May they be happy and healthy as he would have wanted them to be.




Some day I expect that this “scrapbook” will be read by others.

There are no secrets here, just a lot of bits and pieces of myself-

Not eloquent nor chronological.

I just write what comes to mind.


I don’t want to be right

I only want to know whether I am right or not.


Let me make it perfectly clear that I wish to remain ambiguous.

That previous statement should qualify me to become a politician. That will never happen.


(I try) to be governed by common sense, to know what can cause harm or help- not be anxious to be right, to learn and practice forgiveness because---resentment and hate can be destructive.


This says it so well:

“Those who are dearest and nearest to me best know how to manage and improve, and ultimately, in their turn, to divide and subdivide, the good things of this world, which I commit to their care, according to events and contingencies which it is impossible for me to forsee, or trace through all the mazy labyrinths of time and chance.”


“Cast aside what is worthless. Retain the pure gems.”


I said a prayer for you today

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